Summer Beauty Hacks

In summers, the heat, the dry air and the excess sun exposure takes a big toll on your skin’s health – and it starts to show within no time. Who doesn’t love a sunny day, but you’ve got to be extra careful when it comes to your sensitive skin. Most probably, these warm days bring up a new host of skincare issues with which you have to deal. Every problem that you face and everything you need to know about summer skincare have been summed up in this skin care tips roundup for you.

A plethora of problems that you faced and still facing will now come to an end with these

Ice therapy in summer

Have you ever used Ice Therapy in summer. Have a look on the benefits of ice for your skin. Know how ice is useful for your many skin problems in summer. In this hot weather, we all look for cooler things, be it food, clothing, drinks or cosmetics and quench our thirst with water full of ice cubes.


Summers are back and so are your worries.Learn how to prevent makeup from melting off with these tips & stay beautiful. Summers and make-up, the two aren’t the best of friends and can never be. Keeping makeup intact is this season is an uphill task that every woman fights with, year after year. Summers are back and so are your worries.

Beauty Tricks in summer

You need to take some time & beauty tricks to ready your summer skin and reverse the signs of neglect you showed your skin during fall, winter and spring.  Summer brings sun burns, rashes, tanning and even inflammation if you have sensitive skin. Covering the face with scarfs won’t help, we have a few tips and tricks to save yourself from the war of sun.

Summer beauty must haves

The scorching sun is back in action. Its summers and you know this means – a lot of sweat, sun exposure, dust, acne and lots of skin problems. Winter gave you fare share of trouble and now summers are ready with it all its might. You’ll never have a tough time dealing with the onset of summers, if you follow these summer beauty must haves in your mind.


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