Ice Therapy in Summers

In this hot weather, we all look for cooler things, be it food, clothing, drinks or cosmetics and quench our thirst with water full of ice cubes. But in this whole exercise, we tend to forget our skin, the most exposed part of our body. A few hours in the sun leaves our skin looking dull, dry and dehydrated. So, if we apply the ice cubes on our face, the results can be amazing. So, this summer don’t just drink ice cold water but apply ice on your face too. Read out more:

  • The anti-aging formula

Rubbing ice on your face every day, improves blood circulation and lends a healthy glow besides preventing premature aging signs like wrinkles.

  • Pore Minimizing formula

When one applies ice on skin, pores tend to constrict to a smaller size. Icing your face checks extra oil production too.

  • Fake make-up

If you do not have time to apply makeup, just rub a few cubes for that dewy and fresh look and get going.

  • Sunburn

It is a common problem faced by many in summers. You know how to use ice for it – wrap the cubes in a small cotton cloth and rub them on the affected area.

  • Acne

It is a known fact that swelling is highly responsible for not allowing any topical cream to reach the bacteria lying within. Do not prick or pierce your acne, just use ice cubes. They will subside swelling and the redness too will be gone. When inflammation is reduced by the ice cubes, pores open up and the antibacterial cream enters in to kill the bacteria.

  • Make-up

Many celebrities swear by the positive effects of ice on face. It makes foundation look smoother and makes your make-up last longer.

  • Eye Problems

Modern day busy lives have left us with numerous eye problems. We sit in front of our laptops for long hours and sleep less. All this can lead to pain in the eyes. Just place some ice cubes on the eyes. You will fell fresh. It reduces swelling of the puffy eyes like no else.

  • Fruity option

You can also freeze fruit juice that is apt for your skin. For example, orange juice can be used for brightening the skin texture, apple juice for oily skin and so on. They will cool down your skin besides nourishing it with plenty of antioxidants.

  • A word of Caution

Don’t apply ice cubes directly to your face. It may break the delicate capillaries underlying your skin. Wrap it in a cloth and then apply it. Never use more than 2 cubes.

The ICE THERAPY makes skin more permeable. The chilling effect reduces swelling that had blocked the pores. It is an instant way to give freshness to the face.

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