The scorching sun is back in action. Its summers and you know this means – a lot of sweat, sun exposure, dust, acne and lots of skin problems. Winter gave you fare share of trouble and now summers are ready with it all its might. You don’t need to worry, stash these summer beauty must haves in your bag and you’ll never have a tough time dealing with the onset of summers.

Sun Protection With A Good SPF

Going out in the sun without a protection is last thing you should think. Invest in a good sunscreen, preferably having a SPF content of 30+. Go for the less dry and more moisturized sunscreen lotions.


Keep Your Lips Delicate and Lush
Sun charred and chapped lips can be a blotch on your beauty. Give you lips some life with a good lip balm with SPF. It keeps lips smooth, while protecting them from glaring sun.

Lip Balm

Cleansing Wipes
A quick swipe with wet wipes having natural ingredients and cooling fragrance can give your face an instant glow.

Cleansing Wipes

Step Up Your Glam Quotient With Classics
Get an ultimate manicure and pedicure done. It’s time to show those delicate hands and feet. Adorn them with fun nail paint. A classic red, the cool aqua, opaque or the nude shades can make a great difference.


Hair Smoothening Spray
The summer heat can take its toll on your hair. Keep them tame and frizz fee with a good hair smoothening spray.

Hair Smoothning Spray

Something For The Eyes
Dorn the summer glow and make your eyes stand out with a natural and soft look. You’ll need a neutral palette of eye-shadows, eyeliners and daylong kohl.

Something For Eyes

Give your face a refined look in no time with well groomed brows.


Face Wash With Moisturizer
Cleanse your face deeply with a gentle face wash that doesn’t leave your skin dry and flaky.


Trendy Headscarves and Cool Shades
Scarves can be your summer fashion statement and also protect your hair from sweltering heat. Having a pair of cool shades is the top beauty must haves for summers to protect your eyes from the sun.


Wrinkle & Firming Corrector
Summer means a lot of skin exposure which can damage it many ways. Wrinkles, dull skin, sun spots, blemishes can ruin your skin. All you need is a good anti aging cream like Lifecell cream that is many products in one pack.

Wrinkle & Firmir Corrector

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