There are certain factors that always need to be there to take care of our skin. Among all the measurements for human skin to be called healthy, softness is the first one (that strictly defines skin’s status). And moisture is the element that is responsible for the softness of the skin. It is interesting to know that a well-defined system, known to be skin barrier system, actively works in our body in order to maintain the level of moisture. In other words, we can say that the agility of our skin totally depends upon water barrier system of the body. Needless to say; we need to vigilantly look after the water barrier function for being able to keep perfect skin.

There are some internal body parts that need to remain in hydrated state, always . The primary function of water barrier is to prevent water loss so that each and every organ works efficiently. Since excess of water level is also bad for body, water barrier allows only required worth of water inside. Altogether, water barrier system balances the hydration level of the body.

Skin barrier system can’t keep working consistently and undisturbed. Like every other body organ, it sometimes gets affected and needs to be repaired. And if and when there’s a huge damage, it takes time to recover. But till it recovers, your skin might extremely dry out and, the worse, could even die. In case of facial skin, this situation can’t be imagined. Lifecell anti aging cream is known to assist our immune system while coming through such tough times.

Can Lifecell really restore the facial skin water barrier? If we believe what the reviews have to say, then it can. But how it does this, makes one highly curious:

Among several natural ingredients of Lifecell cream, Ubiquinone is the major one that acts as a powerful natural antioxidant. This wonderful antioxidant enzyme rejuvenates skin and increases its smoothness.

How Lifecell Repairs Skin Water Barrier

The presence of Ubiquinone in this cream is what makes the real difference and that’s exactly where Lifecell gains all its effectiveness from. Lifecell assists water barrier system of body and eases its responsibilities of maintaining skin by balancing water concentration. Lifecell boosts cellular energy of the skin (that’s what best a beauty product can do) and helps it resume its momentum. Its powerful antioxidants resist the growth of free radicals and save skin from damages.

Generally, Ubiquinone is produced within human body and is responsible for cell development. However, with growing age its concentration gets reduced in body. Since this element is essential for skin to stay energetic, it is used in beauty products. Ubiquinone is an anti aging ingredient in Lifecell that is a perfect substitute for natural antioxidants (that body can’t produce with aging). As an antioxidant, it maintains Oxygen level and automatically the concentration of water inside body. In a way, it performs on behalf of recovering water barrier system and gives it full time to cure.

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