Summers and make-up, the two aren’t the best of friends and can never be. Keeping makeup intact is this season is an uphill task that every woman fights with, year after year. Summers are back and so are your worries. Quite arguably, not the best of times ahead. Therefore, we are here with our list of to-do’s for the hot season.

Believe me, after reading these tips you will never ask anyone, “How to prevent makeup from melting off”.

A golden rule every make up lover must know is ice application. Do this before slathering makeup, just roll a few cubes and see the difference. These magical cubes ensure that your makeup stays in its place for long.

ice ice baby

Your Face Isn’t A Base And You Are Not Making A Cake
Go as light as possible. Summers and heavy make-up don’t go well together. So, substitute your make-up with translucent powders, BB creams or keep it sheer. Too much of grease can pop up pimples.

face isn't a base

Pinch Your Cheeks

I am serious. Don’t add blush. Ok, don’t sigh. Add a cream blush just to the apples of your cheeks.

pinch your cheeks

Don’t Dramatise Your Eyes
One to two strokes of eye shadow are enough. Shimmer is a complete no-no.

Don't dramatise your eyes

Lip Gloss Is Not Cool
The gloss may run out of the lips. Avoid this and use tinted lip balm or sheer lipstick.

lip gloss

Use Waterproof Make-Up Before It Starts Melting Like Ice-Cream
The sight would be so unsighty. Your beau may refuse to recognise you. Stop this. Buy waterproof makeup, only.

use waterproof makeup

Sun soaks up moisture from your skin. Undo its effects by making use of a face spritzer. Rose water is perfect, it sets makeup as well.

SpashhBeat the heat and stay beutiful!

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