Everything in nature follows a cycle. Seasons change and get with them the excitement of something new and different. All these changes in the climatic conditions are borne by our skin- the largest and outermost organ of the body. Every season change asks for a gentle renewal of the skin.








Switching on from the summers to the fall needs a change in skincare regime. Escaping from the hot scorching sun; it is time to face the cold weather and the chilling winds. Also, it is time to repair the damage done to skin during the summers.

Get ready for a new and fresh look with the festive holiday season just around the corner. We have a few handy tips that might prove useful to you.

  1. Remember Applying the Sunscreen: Even if the summer is gone, the harmful UV rays can still cause skin damage. Even the clouds don’t save you from the harmful rays of the sun. So before your move out of your house, apply sunscreen with a SPF value 15 or above.
  2. Do Your Skin Analysis: Sometimes the weather change brings a change in your skin type as well. If you had oily skin in summers; it may turn to dry and rough during the fall. According change your skincare products.
  3. Following Skin Care Routine: Fix the days when you are going to exfoliate your skin, wear a face mask or go scrubbing & toning. Following the fixed regime will save you from the mess of when and what was last done.
  4. Moisturize Your Skin Everyday: To save your skin from the dry chilling winds; wear a good moisturizer daily after bath and as required. The hydration makes the skin able to resist dryness and thus helps it appear smooth and supple. Keep yourself covered to prevent your skin from harsh winds.
  5. Bag Some Creamier Products: Give up fruity skin care products, gels and soap. Go for a creamy, soap free and hydrating body wash.
  6. Treat Your Feet: Sandals are off and your feet are going to be hidden in boots for the forthcoming months. If you going to scrub, exfoliate and treat your feet well; cracked heals will stay far off. Go for a pedicure when possible.
  7. Have A Hand Cream: Hands are washed several times a day. So they need frequent moisturizing. A good hand cream will nourish your hands and keep them soft as usual.
  8. Use Anti oxidants enriched Products: Anti oxidants prevent free radicals from taking effect on your skin. This in turn reduces the chances of wrinkles and fine lines. Use Lifecell Skin Cream if the signs already persist.


Feel the vibrant attitude and show off your healthy, beautiful and supple skin during the holiday season!

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