As we age, our hands start showing signs of aging such as wrinkles, cracks and visible veins. The skin at the back of our hands is very thin and therefore susceptible to damage, which translates into loose skin, wrinkles and veiny hands. We need to take care of our hands just like we do of our face or even more because hands start showing aging signs too early. Your hands are doing so much for you, you need to return the favor every time you make them work extra hours for you.Dish washing,cleaning,washing clothes leads to deteriorate health of the hands.



Prevent aging on hands by following these skin care regimes

Invest in latex gloves
Doing dishes can wreak havoc on your hands. Dish washing liquids are alkaline in nature, which removes dirt and oil from dishes and moisture from your hands. It is too harsh on your skin, it strips off it’s natural oils, which causes serious damage to the skin. So, buying latex gloves would not cost you millions, just some cents and you are done. Always wear them while doing all household work and even protect your hands from sun exposure and hot water.

Try new advanced cream
The newest advancement in creams is creams containing growth factors, derived from some plants. These creams help in the formation of new collagen. No medical treatment would help prevent aging hands to that extent. As you cross your 40’s, you should start using these creams every night. Regular moisturizing will make your hands plump and soft for some time only only, but these advanced creams have long lasting effects.

Protect hands from sun
Sun can damage any part of your body and when it comes to the hands, they are more susceptible to damage. From wrinkles to sun spots, uneven pigmentation and what not, the sun can destroy your skin. The best anti-aging for hands is use of moisturizers with SPF 15 or more. Use of SPF is not limited to summers or when you are at beaches, sun damage can occur 365 days a year, so whenever you go out or at home, after washing your hands, apply SPF.

Invest in good moisturizers
To prevent hands from aging, your moisturizer must contain certain ingredients such as glycerin, alpha-hydroxy acid, Vitamin A or retinol and Vitamin E, macadamia nut oil, milk proteins, retina plaminate and shea butter. Choose a moisturizer that contains all these ingredients, and, if not all, some of them for sure. All these ingredients lock moisture by penetrating deep into the skin and repaire it from inside.

Wax and scrub your hands
While you wax other parts of your body, don’t forget to do it on your hands. Waxing, along with removing unwanted hair from the skin, helps remove dead skin. It immediately changes the color of your hands, making them look younger. Follow waxing with scrubbing your hands, it further improves skin tone and texture by removing dead skin.

These hand beauty tips and anti-aging hacks for hands, would work only if you follow them regularly. You cannot afford to forget your hands for even a day. Since you cannot diagnose every skin condition, it’s better you visit your dermatologist once in a while, they keep you updated with the skin changes in you and also the new products introduced in the market.

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