Skin Fact: Your skin can reflect your underlying health. Many health conditions first appear as health problems.

Do you have an habit of sleeping without removing your makeup. Or may be biting up your lips. Many of us are guilty of these kinds of habits. May be these kind of habits seems to be harmless to you, but these kind of habits can keep us away from looking best.

22 Bad Skincare Habits You should avoid:

Turmeric-A-Natural-Ingredient-for-Skin 22-Bad-Skincare-Habits-You-should-avoid



1. Smoking

2. Drinking too much

3. Picking the wrong products

4. Using dirty makeup brushes

5. Over exfoliating/exfoliating too often

6. Not washing your face at night

7. Eating Junk Food

8. Popping Zits/Popping pimples

9. Sleeping with your makeup on

10. Using cosmetics that contain oil

11. Skipping meals

12. Long Hot showers

13. Testing too many products

14. Not drinking enough water

15. Not Enough sleep

16. Dirty pillowcases

17. Stress

18. Overdoing the sugar

19. Heavy makeup

20. Biting lips

21. Neglecting your hands

22. Neglecting your eyes

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