Yoga is an integral part of our lifestyle. It removes the impurities from the level of mind and unites everything with the spirit. Causes of sickness or ill health are generally noted as impurities on the level of mind and body. To get the healthy lifestyle, people are turning back to the age old mantra of exercise called Yoga.

Physical Benefits of Yoga:

Performing yoga postures regularly offers a number of physical benefits, including:

Improves blood circulation
Increases body awareness
Helps to maintain a balanced metabolism
Decreases in cellular aging
Calms the nervous system

Yoga pose for rejuvenating body, mind and soul

1. Shava Asana (The Corpse Pose):










Steps to perform this yoga:

a) Just lie down on the mat, close your eyes and try to put all your weight on the ground. Concentrate on your breathing; breathe deeply and slowly with your nose.
b) Learn to be patient and observe the way your weight is shifting towards the ground and let go of everything, all the heaviness and all the tiredness.
c) Gently open your eyes and roll over to your side before coming to seating position.
Yoga training can be of enormous benefit to anyone persuing a fitness regime. Yoga tones and strengthens your body. Yoga can help you reach a state of calm and peace, by relaxing your mind, body.

2. Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose):










Just lay on your stomach, placing your palms down just under your shoulders. Now without letting your elbows drop away from your body, have them point straight back behind you.

Steps to perform this yoga

a) Now push gently on your hands to slowly lift your upper body and head and inhale.
b) Repeat and do it slowly, and don’t come up too high, your elbow should not become straight.
c) Then slowly let your body come down and with your forehead touch the floor, while doing this, exhale.
d) Repeat this 3- 5 times.

It is very helpful in relieve Back Pain and strengthens spine.

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana (The downward facing dog Pose):










Just start up on your hands and knees on all Fours.

Steps to perform this yoga:

a) By keeping your fingers wide apart and press your hands and feet firmly into the mat in downward direction.
b) At the same time, lift your hips and tail bone to the sky, so that your body is in a V-shape.
c) Now let your head be down and relax.
d) By staying in this position and hold for 2- 3 breaths and finally rest in Balasana.
It is helpful in congestion and increases blood flow to sinuses. A great exercise to cure cold and to maintain body temperature.

4. Balasana (The Child Pose):










In  Balasana, the body faces the floor in fetal position. This is passive and relaxing pose till date.

Steps to perform this yoga:

a) In this the forehead has to touch the floor, if your forehead cannot touch the floor, use yoga block or a book.
b) Now rest and breathe for as long as you want.

This pose is helpful soothe headaches as it relaxes upper back and neck

5. Uttanasana (Forward Bending Pose):










In it you have to stand with your feet parallel and hip width apart. Fold forward slowly while exhaling and repeat it

Steps to perform this yoga:

a) By allowing your arms to come forward. Now if your hamstrings are tight or your lower back is sensitive, bend your knees.

b) Now letting your head bang and relax your head and neck completely and let go of all your stress out the top of your head.

Now hold for 2- 3 breaths and gently come to standing position while inhaling.

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