It is truly true that the skin type is more than oily or dry. Besides this, whether we are having dry or oily skin type, but we would all love to have a beautiful and glowing skin. Likewise, bad hair days, we can also have bad skin days. Breakouts, fine lines, dark circles, dryness, puffiness, wrinkles and crow’s feet, all these factors are a result of your daily routine.

As every woman lives her own lifestyle that means she must be going through different skin problems according to her lifestyle. Let us have a look:

Skin Type – Party Girl

Problem: Being a party girl, it is obvious that you are partying late night and consuming soda or alcohol & smoking. So, it is obvious that you must be going through the following problems: dry, cracked, wrinkle prone skin and puffiness, dark circles under your eyes. This is caused due to more intake of alcohol, less intake of water and not giving proper sleep to yourself.

Solution: According to dermatologist, one should use hypoallergenic cream several times a day, drink plenty of water rather than soda or coffee and quit smoke. And to reduce puffiness, place cucumber and tea bags on your eyes. It will bring out some good results on your face.

Skin Type – Pregnant Woman

Problem: A pregnant woman has to undergo a lot of hormonal changes throughout the cycle of nine months. She might be having surging hormones that leads to both glowing as well as acne-prone skin. Though, every pregnant gal must be going through some different problem or any kind of health issue, but if you start breaking out commonly, then consult a doctor or dermatologist and follow the recommended medications that fights acne and are safe to use during pregnancy.

Solution: Well, moisturizer and proper sleep is the best medicine for pregnancy skin of all types. If, in any case, your skin is dry, moisturize with fragrance free and hypoallergenic products. And, most importantly, stay happy always.

Skin Type – Workaholic

Problem: The biggest problem that a workaholic faces is, Acne. Being a workaholic, one has to hold a phone up against your face maximum time and after that, notice acne on one cheek that the other and as a result, stress. Phewww !! Dermatologists says stress causes rush of hormones that results in excessive skin oil production and then, acne. It also results in wrinkled skin, which is caused by breaking down of cells at a faster rate.

Solution: Like others, sleep is the best and natural cure. Besides this, wash your face, no matter what time you come home. Do remove your makeup, using makeup remover after coming home.

Skin Type – Busy Mom

Problem: Being a busy mother, you have to see your kids all around that starts from early morning and continues till their sleep at night, cheer them on at soccer games and many more tasks that leads to maximum sun exposure even during winter months. So, this might results in aging skin with sunspots and stress related breakouts.

Solution: The best and obvious way is to wear a sunscreen with SPF 30, look for the products containing Vitamin A and must use Lifecell anti aging cream to avoid aging signs at an early stage.

Besides this, one should drink plenty of water, proper intake of fruits and green vegetables, wash face with a suitable/recommended facewash twice a day and avoid maximum exposure to sun. If you have any other idea or query, then let me know in the comments below.

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