Quite contrary to its name, holiday season leaves you stressed with multiple chores like planning parties, shopping, gift packing, etc. With huge rush of activities, you usually end up putting self care as least important in your priority list. This apparently is one of the biggest reasons why you should prioritize self care above all.

You endure hectic work schedule and constantly sideline self care, in hope that during holiday season you’ll spend sufficient time on it. But as soon as the holidays arrive, you face tough realities. There are plenty of other tasks to accomplish, further sidelining this initiative. During this holiday season, however, pay more attention to these crucial areas and give yourself a true break.


How Do You Define Self Care

It is simply a practice of putting yourself first and investing considerable amount of energy and time in your health and wellbeing. Different people might infer it differently. Some might find mental peace in gardening, while others might put physical health as top priority. So, no matter what you believe in, during this holiday season invest some time in self care.

Different Aspects Of Self Care:

As discussed above, there is no particular definition for self care which might run true for all, but this holistic approach might help you classify it better:

1. Physical Self Care: This aspect of self care includes your physical wellness. Do you feel fit enough? Do you think your skin looks young and fresh? If the answer to such questions is no then you need to use these holidays to rejuvenate yourself. Maintain an exercising routine and stick by it.

Create a skin care routine after consulting dermatologist and make an honest effort to shed decades. Women may notice laugh lines and wrinkles when they turn 30. Though you can blame hectic routines with all your might, it would hardly make any difference. So instead of playing a blame game, take steps to rectify this situation.

2. Emotional Self Care: Busy schedules leave you emotionally and physically drained. This makes you skeptical about taking up a new activity, even if you secretly desire it. Go for activities you always wished, and be surprised to feel happy and emotionally stronger after accomplishing it.

3. Spiritual Self Care: A recent study revealed that people who have low SQ (spiritual quotient) tend to have low EQ (emotional quotient) as well. So, if you have never worked on your spiritual wellbeing before, then now is the time for it. Various activities like meditation, yoga can stabilize your mind and distress you completely. These activities ask for substantial investment of time initially. You can start during holidays and continue making them a part of your daily routine thereafter.

4. Relational Self Care: How strong is your bond with your kids? How often do you invest time in family activities? If you find yourself blabbering for answers then there is some amount of work that you need to do in the family department. Spend substantial time with your family and reconnect with your kids. This would not just leave you relaxed, but would also distress you to a greater extent.

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