Our skin has a strong defense system and can resist most harmful microbes but constantly abusing our skin and exposing it to harmful disease causing microbes 24 hours a day compromises its natural defense mechanism and gives the microbes an opportunity to cause infections.  It is in our benefit to support our skin in its fight with microorganisms and remain infection free.

Avoiding these skin infections is simply a matter of following a good hygiene and cleanliness routine. Though this routine sounds complex but as you start following it day after day it should become a part of your daily life as easy as getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth. As it becomes a part of your daily life you will be able to prevent these microbes from causing you any harm.









Some simple precautions to take in your daily lifestyle are listed here.

  • Probably the most important point to remember to avoid skin infection is to wash hands with soap and water as often as possible. Especially after you have visited the washroom, been to market places or on escalators or after visiting the hospitals. Hands accumulate a lot of bacteria and these then get transferred to your skin, nose, mouth and cause deadly infections. Cleaning hands will prevent this transfer from happening and thus you will be able to avoid infections.
  • Germs also accumulate on your skin after a sweaty exercise routine in the gymnasiums or at home. Microbes thrive in warm and moist surroundings and therefore after your skin is moist from sweat it becomes an attractive breeding ground for these bacteria. So, take a bath immediately after exercising and wear clean fresh clothes afterwards.
  • Clean and wash all clothes and equipment used for exercising. Wipe non-washable equipment with alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Do not walk barefoot in swimming pools and gymnasiums. Wear water shoes or slippers especially available for such places. Do not walk barefoot in bathrooms also.  Keep your feet dry especially in between toes.
  • Do not share personal belongings like towels, razors, hairbrushes, toothbrushes etc. Wash towels regularly and keep them dry. Children should also be encouraged to use individual towels.
  • Wear loose fitting cotton clothes which allow the skin to breathe. Change underwear and socks regularly. Do not share undergarments and socks with anyone. Wash undergarments and socks in a detergent with antibacterial properties.
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom floors every day and keep them dry. Wipe door handles, flush handles and sinks with a good disinfectant and dry thoroughly. Wet and moist bathrooms become ideal places for bacteria to grow so keep them dry. Air them out regularly by opening windows and allowing cross ventilation.
  • Keep kitchen sinks clean and disinfect regularly.
  • Keep wounds, cuts and bruises clean and covered.
  • Stay away from other people’s open wounds

Thus as you can see maintaining a germ free environment is simply a matter of following a strict hygiene routine every day of your lives. Simple steps taken now will prevent a lot of discomfort of infections later on. Take your life in your hands.

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