When you are going for a manicure, you must avoid some manicure mistakes that could affect the health as well as looks of your nails. Lifecell will help you in sorting out the mistakes that you are following.

Now, let us have a look on some manicure mistakes that you should avoid for sure. They are as follows:

#1 Not Using a Base Coat

Many of us think that a base coat is simply a wastage of time or prefer to use one product for both the purposes that is base as well as top coat. But no, it should not be like this. The fact is that you could extend the wear of your manicure by at least a couple of days just by adding that first proper layer.


#2 Not Washing your Tools?

Tools including clippers, filers, buffers and orange sticks must be washed regularly with water and soap to prevent contamination. It must be noted that never put your tools in a sealed bag as it only allows bacteria to intensify.


#3 Use of Q-tips to clean up your mistakes

Q-tips are totally a nightmare as cotton fuzzies on a Q-tip get caught in your polish and disrupts your manicure. I would suggest you too never ever use these Q-tips to clean up the nail polish that accidentally gets on your skin around the nail.

First of all, it is not a big tragedy that has happened to you, it’s normal and so, behave calmly. If, in any case, this happens, just dip a flat makeup brush into nail polish remover and clean the affected area as the paint is still wet so it’s easier to remove, else you can also push the polish right off when under the shower.


#4 Always apply thick coats

It is best to apply three to four coats of paints rather than two and thinny coats. Paint dries faster when thin coat is used as polish is not formulated to dry well when the thick coat is applied. Topcoats are forgivable when thick coat is applied and usually don’t take too long to dry, no matter what, but heavy layers still can make topcoats get very bubbly.


#5 Shake your nail polish bottle

Dancing of bubbles – that’s what happens when you shake the nail paint bottle. It traps the air inside that creates those tiny bubbles. Bubbles are also formed when you pump the brush in and out of the neck, so avoid it and never do it. Always roll a bottle in your hands like you are rolling out dough play.


So, these were the manicure mistakes that I have faced. If you know any other than this, please let me know your experience.

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