Christmas is not very far off. It is the time when you meet your family and friends and want to look your best. But amidst all the hustle-bustle of preparation, you have not been able to take care of your skin the way you would have wanted and this must be worrying you. So, here we are to help you get out of the mess .

With less than 15 days left, together we will leave no stone unturned to look beautiful at Christmas














Here are a few tips to revive your skin to be the Christmas beauty you want to be.

Brighten skin by removing dead skin

Scrub your face and body on  a regular basis depending on your skin type. People with dry skin should do it sparingly but it is a must to-do activity for all to get a glowing skin.


There can be no better beauty treatment for Christmas party than a body massage to brighten your skin as massages are known to improve blood circulation.

Drink water

This sounds like a cliché but do drink lots and lots of water to hydrate your skin from within and drive away all the toxins from your body to make your skin glow from within.

Don’t forget your feet

Make your feet also look beautiful at Christmas. These too would be exhibited during the Christmas festivities. So start taking care of them.  People exfoliate the top part of the feet when exfoliating the whole body but tend to forget the soles. They have a harder skin and need to be scrubbed separately and differently. Remove the hard skin at least three times a week. Apply a foot cream and cover them with socks.


Your hair are the most important part of your body after your face. If they are not healthy, it will get noticed instantly. You cannot dare to ignore them. A hot oil massage every time you wash your hair and deep conditioning post washing is extremely important. Air dry them and protect them from sun and pollution. This way let your hair too look beautiful at Christmas.


Some kind of physical activity is important to shed that extra weight. This helps in throwing out the toxins from the body besides improving blood circulation. This will allow you to have a flat tummy and a toned body so that you look absolutely beautiful in your dress at Christmas party.

Beautiful Hands

Apart from the skin of your hands, lend some attention to your nails. Manicure will ensure that you have beautiful hands for Christmas eve. Do paint them in bright hue for the festival.

Above all, you need to eat healthily to brighten skin naturally.

Make up look for Christmas

After you have decided upon the dress that you would be wearing, its time to dab some make-up to look beautiful at Christmas celebrations.

  • Eyes: Eye make up is the most important of all. You can play with your eyes. Make sure they look bright and beautiful.
  • Lips: Go nude or apply a bright lip color with gloss – it makes a deadly combination.
  • Hair: Let your hair loose – soft curls are really in. Go for them or if you want, take a leaf out from some celeb look and make the most of it to look beautiful at Christmas.
  • Smell good: If you smell good, people would love to come near you. Wear your favorite perfume. Re-spray after every three to four hours as the perfumes tend to lose their fragrance after some time.

The evening make up for Christmas can be slightly different from the day make-up. Glamorous eyes is the way to go when attending an evening Christmas party. You can use bold colors in lip colors and eye shadow.

Now, with the right make up look for Christmas, you are ready to go.

Merry Christmas!

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