Our lifestyle have direct impact on our skin. Our skin needs lots of care both from inside and outside. Skin is a shield that safeguards us from every time changing environment so its our responsibility to take equal and proper care of our skin. Here we are listing out some important tips that will guide you to have better looking skin:

Plan your skin care:

If you are really serious about taking regular and proper care of your skin its highly important for you to know your skin’s behavior so that you can choose right product to fight with anti-aging, acne fighting, dry skin or to take care of your normal skin so to get the desired result.












Use sunscreen:

Whenever you plan to go outside apply sunscreen before 15 to 20 minutes. UVA and UVB rays are the cause for rapid premature skin aging and also a cause for skin cancer. Whether it’s a bright sunny afternoon or an overcast day these harmful rays will penetrate through and will damage your skin.

Important ingredients that one must look before purchasing any sunscreen are Ecamsule, Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Sulisobenzone, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide.













Stop Smoking:

Smoking is really bad for your skin it multiplies wrinkles, paleness, and grayish facial coloring and such affects makes you look older than your actual age.. These side effects can add years to your face.












Balanced Diet:
As said that “let your food be your medicine”. Healthy diet not only keeps your skin at its best but also keeps your hairs and nail in good condition. Consuming food that is rich in protein, fruit and vegetables provides valuable anti-aging effects.


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