We all want to look younger and beautiful even if we are 40 plus old. There are number of ways that helps in slowing the ageing process whether it is by following a proper diet plan, doing work out or makeup tricks. If you are opting for makeup, then it should be done in a very simple way.










1. Conceal your dark circles

Applying a concealer helps in minimizing dark circles under your eyes. It should be applied in an upward motion, which gives an illusion of younger eyes. Moreover, concealer of peach or salmon color should be used.

2. Wear false lashes
As we grow older, due to hormonal changes we lose lashes, which contributes in ageing. Go for false lashes, which gives the illusion of fuller lashes without drag effect.

3. Go for lipgloss
Thinning lips is another sign of ageing, but no need to worry. It has a solution too. You can help yourself by giving the effect of fuller supple lips by wearing a lipgloss. It always give youthful look and contributes in looking younger.

4. Proper use of foundation
Whatever is your age, too much foundation always give you an unattractive, artificial and oldy look. Use of foundation is a necessity, but it should be used in a proper amount. Try a foundation with light reflecting particles.

5. Use of cream blush
Use of blush especially in cream or rosy color gives you an instantaneous and younger look. It should be used properly and in a correct way.

6. Avoid shimmer, frost and sparkle
All this stuff suits on girls under 25, but it should be avoided by women for 40+ as it shows more wrinkles and ageing on your face. It should not be applied even occasionally.

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