You seem to take a lot of care of your body and spend a considerable amount of time in its upkeep but ignore your face which is the first part noticed of your body. So, its time you include a handful of facial exercises to your daily regimen in addition to other exercises you perform everyday.




Cheeks require anti aging facial exercise to look young as the former have a tendency to become sunken with age. Steps to follow for fuller, firmer cheeks are:
1. Inhale through your mouth and hold the breath with your cheeks puffed out. After a few seconds, release your breath.
This exercise will make your cheek muscles stronger.


The forehead facial exercise is meant to make your forehead look firm and smooth. For this anti aging solution, follow the following tips:
1. Place your index fingers just below your eyebrows.
2. Pull with the help of your finger tips and then raise the brows exerting pressure with your fingertips.
3. Repeat this exercise for a minimum of 25-30 times.

Chin and Neck

To slow aging on your neck and chin. here is a simple yet effective anti-aging facial exercise. Steps to be followed are:
1. Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Swallow with your chin pointing towards the ceiling.
This exercise strengthens the jaw line and platysma, muscle located at the front of the neck.


One notices aging signs on eyes first and later on other parts. Slow aging around your eyes with this simple anti aging exercise and prolong your youthfulness.
1. Lift your lower eyelid without using any facial muscle.
2. Exert pressure gently on the outer crease of crow’s feet with your fingertips.
Moisturize the skin around your eyes before performing these anti aging facial exercises.


Lines around the lips look really bad. To fight back, perform the following anti-aging facial exercise.
1. Sit straight with lips pursed. Move them towards the nose.
2. Count till 5 and relax
3. Repeat it for a minimum of ten times.
Perform these facial exercises everyday and see the change within a few days. But do not stop there, make it a part of your routine.

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