Have you ever noticed women with radiant facial skin with wrinkled sagging skin on their necks. I have. Believe me, their necks reveal their actual age/ improper skincare practices. Such an unsightly sight. Isn’t it? This isn’t a problem with a few women but a problem with most of us. It is because we indulge in a lot of things to maintain the beauty of our face but ignore the adjoining part, neck, which too is extremely important. We need to make ourselves understand the importance of taking care of this part to avert aging signs and look young and beautiful, always.

Before we look into the problem solving techniques, let us know how does this problem arise:

  • Neck has no oil glands making it dry naturally
  • The skin on the neck is more thinner than on the face but is deemed hard
  • The skin tissue and the muscles are weaker than on the face
  • A majority of the people do not exfoliate their necks

Now let me tell you how to take care of the aging signs on the neck so that it doesn’t look a day older than your face.

  • Never Use Harsh Soaps On Your Neck
    Use the same gentle face wash/face foam to cleanse your neck. You should extend its use to the chest as well as the skin there is delicate too.
  • Moisturize
    Since the skin on the neck is thinner you must pay attention to it. Therefore, moisturize it with a heavy cream. Use an exclusive neck cream as these are gentler than regular face creams.
  • Sun Protection
    This part remains naked most of the times. So sun protection makes sense to prevent premature aging signs from developing. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion and re-apply after every four hours, if you are out.
  • Exfoliate
    Our neck is often given the least amount of time whenever we exfoliate. Forgo this practice. Remove the dead skin on this part of the body properly at least once in a week.
  • Smoking is Injurious
    If you think smoking affects just the face, you are wrong. It is unhealthy for your neck too. It too pays the price quite heavily. So stay away from it.
  • Use Lightening Creams
    Start using a cream that contains retinol or plant extracts to help skin defy aging signs and some lightening agents such as kojic acid to make skin even on this part of the body.
  • Peptide Moisturizer
    As you age, collagen production decreases. So, use a peptide moisturizer on the neck for producing collagen and keep aging signs at bay.
  • Check Out The Pillow You Are Using
    If you keep using a high rise pillow for a long time, it will lead to wrinkles on the neck. On the other hand, a small pillow makes a perfect angle between the face and neck, paving way for slowdown in the aging process.
  • Hasty Weight Loss or Gain
    If you lose or gain weight rapidly, your neck will show the consequences more than your face. So, maintain a healthy weight.
  • Exercise
    Involve some exercise in your daily workout regime targetting the muscles of your neck. This will make sure that your skin remains tight and young.
  • Hydration
    A well hydrated body is good for the neck too. As we age, body becomes less capable of retaining moisture. Therefore, keep the water content in the body up by drinking lots and lots of water.

Follow them. Now don’t let your neck reveal your age/unhealthy practices.

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