You may be surprised to read this. But it is true. Some of your daily habits are the reasons behind your skin developing those lines and other aging signs way earlier than they should have. To verify this, read below and you will come to know of the various everyday habits that are aging you.

Not rinsing your face at night
If you do not wash your face at night, you go to bed with dirt, grime and everything that had settled on your face all day long. If not removed, they penetrate through the multiple layers of the skin and make you look much older than your actual age.

Not moisturizing
You may be using a moisturizing cream but only when the skin reminded you that it is feeling dry. Not good. Keep it hydrated even when it doesn’t ask for it. And please don’t forget to hydrate it from within with fruits, veggies, nuts and all that you can think of.

Too much of makeup every day
If you love applying makeup in excess every day, you probably are unaware of what great harm you are doing to your skin. This can lead to the formation of pimples, fine lines and eventually wrinkles. Let your skin breathe, it needs it drearily.

Not eating enough fats
A lot of diet conscious people in a bid to stay away from fats make a huge distance from good fats as well. This is not a good practice. Remember your body, especially your skin needs fats because it is made up of fats, the most.

Not drinking enough water
You drink water and you think it is enough. But have you ever taken other criteria like changing seasons and age into consideration. You should. Because these factors alter our body’s water requirement. Make the necessary alterations and keep your skin happily hydrated.

Not using eye cream
You may be doing all things right, but if you are not using an eye cream, you are missing out on a big thing. Skin around the eyes is thin than the remaining face and ages faster. Keep the skin here hydrated with a good eye cream. Buy the one with Retin A in it.

Overdose of Supplements
If you are consuming too many nutrients, it is really not good. This overdose may harm you more than you would have thought of.

Too much caffeine
If coffee is your wake up call, our facts should wake you up. Drinking caffeine day after day can dehydrate your skin. And as we all know, dry skin ages much faster than other skin types.

Sleeping till late
Just because somebody said that you should sleep well to have a healthy glowing skin. You tend to over implement this. Don’t take liberty. Everything must be done within limits. Don’t sleep more than your body needs. A 7-8 hours of sleep is sufficient for a human being. Therefore, sleep on time, get up on time and have a happy energetic day.

Sleeping on one side
Hmm. So you sleep just on one side of your body most of the times. These can form sleep lines on that side. Sleep straight or alter sides often.

Now that you know what wrong you are doing, stop aging by putting a full stop to these everyday habits that are aging you.

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