Today you will find only a few number of people who are strong and lively till their middle age. Most of them are suffering with one or the other health problem and they appear to be older than their age with aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles visible on their face. Apart from the age, there are several other reasons for this including stress, tension, poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, poor working postures to name a few. In the virtue of finding the best anti wrinkle treatment or best anti aging treatment you might come across various expensive anti aging creams, lotions etc. But, one thing that you must profess to yourself is that you can reverse the aging process just by practicing yoga.


Below are Vital Yoga Anti Aging Benefits

The aging process evidently slows down by regularly practicing yoga. Various yoga postures or yogasanas not only promote a healthy and younger looking skin, but also make the spine more flexible, keeps the heart healthy, correct the body posture and improves blood circulation. Simply saying, yoga gives you a fit body, active mind and a glowing skin and thus anti aging. Let us discuss the anti aging benefits of yoga one by one.

  • Improved flexibility: as you age you may find it difficult to carry out certain routine activities that involve bending and stretching. With regular practice of yogasanas like standing forward bend or Uttasana, triangle pose or Uttitha Trikonasana, the warrior pose or Virbhadrasana, the snake pose or Sarpasana, the bow pose or Dhanurasana, you will achieve a flexible spine and joints making you less likely to get injured due to old age.

  • Better heart health: one of the most common symptoms of aging is deteriorating heart health. Not to worry as yogasanas can improve that too. Three essential deep breathing or Pranayama that are helpful in maintaining heart health include long breathing or Bhasrika, active exhalation or Vatkrama Kapalbhati and alternate breathing or Anulom Vilom. Besides having a healthy heart, you can also get relieved from hypertension, high blood pressure and stress by practicing these breathing exercises. The postures like big toe pose or Padangushthasana, head to knee forward bend or Janu Sirsasana and bridge pose or Setu Bandh Sarvangasana are few of the best yoga poses that not only keep your heart healthy but also helps in getting rid of back pains which is common in old age.

  • Get a healthier skin: wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, dark circles and any other such aging symptoms that make you look older can all be removed by practicing some yoga poses daily. These include deep breathing or Pranayam, headstand or Shirshasana, plough pose or Halasana, corpse pose or Shavasana and sun salutation or Suryanamaskar. All these poses help you to get rid of stress while allowing blood flow to your skin thus giving it a youthful glow. These yogasanas also help in fighting depression and relaxing your body preparing you to face every kind of situation in calm and stress free manner.

Practicing yoga is one of the best anti aging skin treatments that can boost you mentally as well as physically making you look and feel young. But again like any other anti-aging treatments, you won’t be getting the benefits of yoga in a day. Be patient and practice it daily, and you will definitely experience the anti-aging benefits of yoga in your body yourself.

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