Dry skin

Dry skin is thinner than the other skin types and therefore falls prey to the aging signs much earlier than them. But people with dry skin shouldn’t feel disheartened as this is not the ultimate measure. There are many more factors responsible for premature aging. One of them being good skin care. Yes, if dry skin is managed properly, aging signs can be delayed. All they need to do is to follow an anti aging skin care routine diligently to prolong the youthfulness of their skin.

Eat not just well but extremely well.
A dehydrated skin looks dull and wrinkled. Therefore, maintain hydration levels in the body by drinking enough water. There are a heap of benefits that you can reap with water. A few prominent among them are weight loss, proper digestion, energy enhancement and detoxification. Keep drinking at regular internals. Drink more water in the wee hours and less before you are going to sleep. Nothing is better than this anti aging skin care for dry skin.

These ensure lesser lines and blemishes on the skin. As an old adage goes,’ what goes inside shows outside”. First and the foremost, add omega-3 and mono saturated fats. These help in reviving skin from the cellular level, help in the maintenance of skin texture and ensure that it looks younger for a longer span of time. Get good fats from fatty fish like salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel and halibut apart from olives, olive oil and avocado.

As the name suggests, they are against the oxidation process which produces free radicals. Free radicals can damage skin massively by making it look rough, develop wrinkles and sun spots. Therefore, their inclusion in the diet is extremely important. Eat fruits and green veggies.
Try carotenoid in your anti-aging skincare for dry skin. One of the most beneficial of them is lutein. Good sources to get this are green leafy veggies, fresh corn and egg yolks. Lutein also helps in protecting skin from the harsh rays of Sun which can speed up premature aging.
Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that the human body cannot produce. So eat foods that can provide body with it from sources like nuts, seeds, wheat germ and vegetable oils.

Show some affection for the skin
Skincare is equally important as the above.
Wash. Do this activity twice a day, but abstain from applying any product that contains alcohol or any other drying agent. Stray away from using warm water.
Scrub. Remove dead skin with a mild scrub that removes unwanted cells and stimulates it to produce more collagen.
Moisturize. Keep the skin well moisturized to prevent any dryness. Dry skin is less elastic and thus is prone to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Love directly from the kitchen
You can pamper your skin at home. Yeah, there are numerous ingredients lying idle on your kitchen shelf which must be brought down and used. I am sharing with you one of my favorite – Banana and honey.
Take a small amount of banana. Mash it. Add few drops of honey. Mix and apply it on the face and neck. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Massage it in circular motion and wash it off your face with cold water. It moistens the skin apart from cleaning it from all the impurities gently.

Caress your skin in the manner mentioned above. It is the best anti-aging skincare for dry skin and stop worrying about premature aging.

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