Facial skin on the forehead is more prone to wrinkles or deep lines as compared to other parts. Deep wrinkles on the forehead are known as ‘frown lines’ that don’t get removed easily. Facial deep lines, especially forehead wrinkles, are the result of natural aging process and damage caused by extrinsic aging factors. Intrinsic aging, however, is largely dominated by genetics.










Extrinsic aging factors are overexposure to the sun, smoking, sleeping posture and the facial expressions you make consistently. Photoaging, aging caused by sun radiations, makes the skin look aged before time or untimely. It can be said that Photoaging plays the part of a catalyst that speeds up intrinsic aging. The facial expressions (frowning too often?) are equally responsible for deep wrinkles on forehead.
When it comes to best deep wrinkle treatment for forehead, individual opinions differ considerably. But in a language that even common man would understand, vertical and horizontal lines on the skin are muscle movement. Then it can be concluded that, obviously, muscle relaxers (natural antioxidants, artificial Botox injections etc.) are the most effective remedy for deep lines. Best deep wrinkle treatment can be:

Natural antioxidants and other ingredients:

Nothing can be as safe and effective treatment for forehead deep wrinkles and lines as antioxidants obtained directly from nature. If it is not convenient to get and use them in pure form, a skin-care cream that uses them will be best. Natural antioxidants such as Dithiolane 3 Pentanoic, Idebenone, Deanol and Argireline boost up metabolism and collagen and elastin secretion in the skin. Improved level of elastin helps the skin stay supple and collagen firms up the gaps and deep lined begin to disappear.


Botox or Dysport is quite popular and most effective way of minimizing the appearance of deep wrinkles on face and forehead. Botox, which contains botulinum, is injected deep into the skin. Botulinum is a substance that can destroy the muscles that are responsible for deep line formation.

Dermal Fillers:

If wrinkles on the forehead are in the form of very deep lines, dermal fillers are the best treatment. Restylane is an effective dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid that plumps the skin from the inside out. It provides hyaluronic acid that begins to reduce as we age and causes dryness. Collagen fillers are also effective on deep wrinkles or lines on the forehead.

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