One of the drawbacks of aging is fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Many reasons contribute to these aging signs like smoking, chewing gum, drinking from straw and even waxing and threading on upper lips. Smoking is particularly the main reason which accelerates the formation and appearance of these lines.These little lines can make you look older, often times more than other wrinkles on the face can.

However, reasons can be numerous, we are hear to talk about the solution. How to get rid of these wrinkles around the mouth is a problem that can be in solved through several ways: home remedies, medical treatments or topical creams and exercising. Which one’s your favorite, you have to choose.

Let’s have a look at the home remedies first:

1. Home Remedies

  • Consume Antioxidant Foods: Food rich in antioxidants plays an important role in preventing signs of aging, including the formation of deep wrinkles around mouth. Antioxidant-rich foods such as whole grains, broccoli, red grapes, berries, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and garlic prevents skin sagging and aging. Vitamin C-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables promote healthy skin and prevent loss of elasticity.
  • Consume Omega3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil supplements can prevent wrinkles and reduce the skin damage leading to wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.
  • Apply Lemon Juice: Vitamin C is, as it is good for skin. Apply lemon juice on the fine lines around the mouth. The acid in lemon juice help to tighten the skin around mouth, which help reduce fine lines and laugh lines that have appeared around the mouth. The high concentration of Vitamin C in lemon, neutralize free radicals.
  • Avocado Paste: mash a half riped avocado until it’s soft and mix some honey and yogurt to make a paste Apply the paste on the fine lines around the mouth and leave it for 20 minutes to reduce the laugh lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Applying it for just one day won’t help, it must be a regular practice.

2. Facial Exercises

Facial exercise plays an extremely important role in reducing the aging signs from the face. A very few people try to do facial exercises, but if you do, the results are amazing. Practice these two exercises to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth

Place your index fingers inside the mouth and pull at the corners of your mouth. Stretch the corners of the mouth up to about 1/4 of an inch. While doing this, tighten the muscles around the mouth, trying hard to pull your fingers closer together. Do this 25 to 50 times.

Lift one side of the mouth, and work as hard as you can to lift this side of the mouth to form a half smile. Do that again on the other side of the mouth.

3. Medical Treatments

Lazer: If your wrinkles are too deep to get rid off, lazer treatments can help you get rid of them faster. Lazer treatments may show results faster than other remedies. It may take only two three weeks to make your wrinkles disappear. Side effects are few.

Botox Injections: it is the another medical treatment for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. In this. The area below your skin which has lost collagen and elastin is treated with injection. Injection can be applied on the upper lips and you can result in a few weeks.

4. Topical Treatments

For an affordable anti-aging treatment, anti-wrinkles and anti-aging creams like Lifecell anti-aging cream can be more effective. Anti-wrinkle cream may not totally disappear the wrinkles, but it certainly reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth. Topical creams containing beneficial ingredients such as Retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, coenzyme Q10 or kinetin must be looked for. Topical creams are not as expensive as medical treatments talked above, and are quite effective.

Above anti-aging treatments are quite effective and can help you get rid of wrinkles. Further effectiveness depends on how deep your wrinkles and lines are. Anti-aging creams can help you get rid of these lines around the mouth, if you find medical treatments costly.

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