Gray? Booooring, Valentine is all about living up in colors that look flawless on you. Don’t go for that ‘saaaame olddd saaaame olddd’ shades of valentine—red, hot black or red dress, best shoes, clichéd gifts, orangey makeup and all that mushy things. Check out these to-die for Valentine shades for you:

Valentine Hair Shades – I say ‘BE BOLD’

My idea of this Valentine is ‘being bold’- don’t be afraid to go out with some ‘shady’ colors, sometimes they go with the flow and makes you look really cool.

  • Ombre: Dark from the roots and light endings– this is what is popular in 2015
  • Grays: who says grays are for oldies, gray hair shade is big time in, if you know how to carry it. Remember I said—’Be bold.’
  • Platinum blonde: No more blonde jokes, this color is so in style quotient 2015
  • Dark golden blonde: On any hair color, these highlights will keep off the monotony.
  • Light brunette: with melted butter highlights—ooh too die for combination. Your Valentine may not know how to react to your awesome new look.
  • Caramel highlights: dark brown color with caramel highlights gives you a bold look.. seriously, try it.
  • Brown with blonde highlights: For that bob haircut, this combination is icing on the cake. Curl your hair up this time.
  • Chestnut brown: this hair shade goes best with golden highlights, if your eyes speak, it’s for you.
  • Balayage highlights: for that messy and a perfect blonde look—highlight with balayage
  • Gorgeous sandy blonde: sandy blonde with hints of golden highlights looks awesome for night dates.

Valentine Hair Shades

Play with eye shadows— ‘hot colors, cool weather’

No matter what your age is, experimenting never ages. This time play with colors and surprise your spouse/valentine.

  • Dreamy dark purple: I said ‘hot’, fairy dust purple eye shadow was a hot topic on this year’s spring runways. Try them on you. Be hot.
  • Glossy mauve: Glossy mauve eye look can be achieved by smudging on mauve lipstick.
  • Burgundy: For night dates, cover your lids in ethereal burgundy sparkle.
  • Ice queen: be an ice queen, use icey shades on your eyes, it even helps enhance your smokey eye looks.
  • Crown jewels: these are bright and a combination of blues and magentas– bold and hot—both goes hand in hand. Stun your partner.
  • Down to earth: Earthy colors—nude, mud, grays sometimes are not that boring, if you are already very vibrant, there is room for experimenting these colors.
  • Metallic hues: metallic hues are totally in this spring 2015. Models could be seen walking with metallic eyes on the ramp.
  • Melanoma Bronze: If you couldn’t get time and money to tan yourself, bronze eyes can help you fulfil your desire.
  • Nude lies: Not alone Valentine, whatever occasion it is, nude works every time.
  • Bloodshot Burgundy: that’s something sizzling.

Eye shades

Lipstick Shades— Deeper, thicker and bolder

  • Marsala: A slightly muted wine shade. More deeper and winter friendly than last year’s purple.

  • Rose Brown: Matt lovers, get united over this color. Choose one that lasts long.

  • Divine Wine: Wear this rich wine shade when you hit the Valentine party.

  • Deep Red: Replace bare winter lips and pick up dark reds.

  • Fuchsia: If deep reds are too much to handle, this is the color for you. It flatters many complexions.

Too much of dark shades,? Go for the following bare one’s to keep it subtle

  • Matte bare: Just a casual date with your hubby, bare lips look perfect and more subtle.
  • Matte blush: Lighter than the bare, this is even more nude.
  • Tease: A touch of pink, if supposedly, you are wearing the shades of pink, go for this color.
  • Classy pink: lightest pink color, those who are having pink under or blue undertones can go well with this.
  • Peach: pretty in peach, peach is personally my choice for a lunch date.

Lipstick Shades

Nail Shades“never looked so clean”

  • Vibrant magenta: It doesn’t seek, it demands attention.
  • Teal: let the heads turn
  • Sugarplum: sweet not too bold, this time exchange your bold with sweet.
  • Fire engine red: All the bells and whistles for you.
  • Blueberry: tangy, cheery blueberry for a first Valentine.
  • Beige: Appropriate for all times.
  • Punchy pink: It will make your finger and toes pop
  • Egg blue: Something like experimenting between robin egg blue and creme de menthe.
  • Iced Coffee: with a frosty hint, it complements the chilled weather.
  • Demure: For short nails, demure with a twist looks great.
  • Pump up the dress- “Vibrancy is the new gray”
  • Cashmoney Green: Try a layered look. Don’t be afraid to pile it on.
  • Premature Saffron: This is the easiest look to get, as you have been portrayed a sex object since childhood by media and cultural narratives.
  • Moment Mori Black: Spend some money, achieve this nighttime look with an expensive sexy black dress. Black is never out of style.
  • Racoon-Eye shade: A daring shade you can only get by experimenting.
  • Sapphire: Pretty is all about natural, healthy and fun.

nail shades


Shades to match your feet?

  • Broken Arches Blue: Smile, smile smile— even with the agonizing stiletto-induced pain in your feet.
  • Shades of purple:If you are wearing purple eye-shadow, purple stilettos complements your beauty
  • Beige: beige crisscross heels, works with any color attire.
  • Icey blue: Your recently pedicured feet shows off perfectly out of these pumps.
  • Red&black: An old but gold combination. Red and blacks are never out of date, always in trend.


 Bold and the Beautiful is what defines 2015

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