Constantly in search of a perfect lipstick shade, but return home empty handed because you can’t find a perfect one. This is because, you are not aware of your undertones and which shade would go perfect with your skin tone. Sometimes, you tend to buy a lipstick, just because you love the color or you saw it on the lips of your favorite celebrity. But, when you put it on your baby lips, it doesn’t look good on your complexion.

So, to know, which lipstick shade would go best with your skin tone, you must first know your undertones. You have either yellow undertone or pink undertone. Yellow is warmer tone, whereas, pink is cooler. How can you identify your undertone? Look at the veins of your wrist, if they appear blue, you have pink undertones and if your veins look more green, your undertone is warmer. But if your veins appear both blue and green, you are really lucky, as you own a neutral skin tone and you can wear any color. Now let’s just talk about the lipstick and skin tone, that goes well with each other.


In this article, we will tell you which lipstick shades would go well with your skin tone

Fair Skin

Blue based lip color suits fair complexion and juicy lips best, especially paler skin. Old wives tale is that, ladies with fair complexion must go for paler shades, but today, many makeup artists in their makeup tips reject this old tale, and claim that fair girls must try something bold and dark to highlight their tone. Bold reds and deep colors like burgundy and blueberry look awesome on really fair skin. Fair ladies must avoid lipstick shades that are too light or have too much yellow undertone, so that they do not look washed out.

Olive Skin

This is the color which every girl would want to have, so that she does not make any mistake related to lipstick. Olive skin tones are neutral and can hardly go wrong. Most of the shades like nude, pink, bright orange and reds can help you have attractive lips. Stick to warm and bright lip shades, if your outfit is warm colored. Bright and poppy oranges must be experimented by olive skin ladies.

Medium Skin Tone

Cherry reds and bright berry pinks are colors that go well with medium skin tones. A nude shade also looks good on medium skin tone, if you prefer an understated pout.

Dark Skin

On dark complexions, deep plums, berries and hot reds look absolutely fantastic. Dark skin looks incredible wearing pretty much anything. For an exception, dark skin doesn’t support very light colors, so avoid extremely light or pale lipstick shades, unless you are going for a certain theme like retro look or a statement bright lip. Deep shades look more flattering on your kind of skin tone.

Apart from skin tones and undertones, it’s for you to decide what color you want to wear on your juicy lips. If you put that bright orange or extremely nude color, you can definitely wear it. It’s just the matter of how you carry yourself.

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