After the 30s, the story of your skin would be remarkably different to the story of your skin in your 20s. You might wonder, how? In all cultures, for many women, the real battle in skin care begins when their skin turns more than 30 years old.


Read these 10 effective skin care ideas for women over 30.

Firming Cream –  Many of us do not even glance at firming creams when we are in our 20s. However, after 30s, you need to pay attention to and choose a night firming cream wisely. A good firming cream will help your skin to remain firm and stop your skin from loosening.

Eye Serums – Unlike in your 20s, it is very common to see dark circles and puffiness around your eyes, in your late 30s and over. Therefore, you will now need an effective eye serum containing Vitamin C.

Exfoliate – The Women over 30s you will need to exfoliate your skin twice a day since you need to pay extra attention to get rid of dead cells on your skin as they may hamper the glow on your skin.

Moisturizer –  Don’t use the same moisturizer that you were using in your 20s. Since in your 30s, you will need a richer and a tinted moisturizer to mask redness, blemishes and minor leveled discoloration in your skin.

Cleanser – Women over 30 years of age need a cleanser that offers more than other cleansers that can be used by 20 year olds. For a woman over 30, a cleanser should contain a formula that exfoliates lightly using PHAs.

Best Anti-aging Cream – You would not think of using top rated anti-aging creams in your 20s, but, when you are over 30s you will see a noticeable difference in your skin. Therefore, you need the best anti-aging cream that contains ingredients that help in rejuvenation of the skin.

Anti-agers – Women over 30 years of age should consider using anti-agers like retinol in their skin care routine. These are the years when you see your skin tone becoming more uneven and fine lines around your eyes start appearing.

Sunscreen – One tip that goes for women of all ages is to wear sunscreen (summers and winters). It’s important to wear a sunscreen daily and, more so, when outside for the whole day.

Exercise – When you are in your 20s, most of you can afford to put exercising as your top priority. However, in the late 20s and after that, your priorities start changing. Make sure you find time to exercise daily especially in your 30s and after.

Diet – You have to be particular in your diet if you are over 30 years. In your 20s you may have lived on pizzas. However, your diet should become more balanced and nutritional in your late 20s and over. Include no-oily food, less spicy, fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet then.

Remember your skin needs more attention when you are over 30 years. Take care!

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