Women have been wearing makeup for centuries, although the styles of wearing it  have certainly undergone considerable changes over time. Throughout the history of makeup women put their health at risk with many of the products that were made at home, even used leeches to give themselves pale appearance that was considered to be beautiful in the old days.

Here is an infographic by Medical Insurance explaining details of makeup history:

history of makeup Infographic
There is a very simple reason to apply makeup and it is to look good. Through makeup we can hide the flaws in the skin, capture attention, enhance the natural appearance of some facial features and even we can reverse the aging clock. Today we have hundreds of products to pick from. For looking young, the options available are as simple as anti aging cream, skin hydrators and rejuvenators and many more.
Every women has paid the price of looking beautiful. It is in the nature of women to want to look attractive.

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