Amidst all the hustle and bustle of anti-aging products and cosmetic techniques, there is a natural method that we all tend to ignore. This is the famous exercising and lifestyle practice – yoga. This ancient Indian form helps in maintaining a healthy body by keeping a check on the various life processes which are on a decline as we age including the skin. If we start it in time, there is every chance of retaining the youthful glow of our skin for a long time.

Get glowing skin with these yoga poses:

Breathing exerises or Pranayama
Breathing is an important aspect of almost all the yoga poses especially Pranayama. These exercises are usually done in a seated position. A person doing pranayama must do them slowly and gradually without rushing. This relaxes the mind, body and spirit. When you breathe in, expand your lungs and when you exhale, bring your muscles in to throw out the air. These also help you prepare the body for various poses to be done later on. Repeat this at least 20 times.


Headstand or Shirshasana
Beginners may find it difficult but once you learn it, you wouldn’t want to unlearn it for the rest of your life. In this asana or pose, when you stand on your head, all the blood flow is directed towards your face, thus providing it the much needed nutrient and oxygen that will ensure a healthy glow on your face. It is a kind of natural face lift which will help you avert aging signs like wrinkles and dark circles.



  • Place a mat on the floor. Sit in a kneel-down position.
  • Breathe normally and touch the floor with the crown of your head.
  • Keep your palms at some distance from the head forming a tripod.
  • With forearms perpendicular to the ground, lift the knees.
  • With feet up, rest your knees on your triceps such that your bum is in line with the head.
  • Lift your knees up but keep the legs bent.
  • Roll your legs up one-by-one. Your soles should face the ceiling.
  • Hold on to this position for some time.

Sharvangasana (Shoulder stand)
It makes the inner parts of the body strong besides having a positive impact on the circulatory and respiratory system. More blood flow towards the face makes it one of the best means of getting a healthy glow on the skin. It relieves stress, one of the key reasons for aging.



  • Lie down on the floor with the arms stretched out above the head.
  • Lift your legs up with toes pointing towards the head
  • Now, lift your hips over the head so that the toes face the floor
  • Now extend the legs to touch the floor with the feet
  • Make your spine straight
  • Support your upper back with your hands and push upwards
  • Bring your chest as close to your face as possible
  • Keep your breathing normal

Downward facing pose (Adho Mukha Savasana)
This yoga pose stimulates the circulatory system to encourage fresh blood flow into the body. This boosts up the immune system and flushes out all the toxins from the body, thus making the skin glow more.



  • Sit on the floor with your hands and knees.
  • Your knees should be just below your hips and hands ahead of your shoulders
  • Spread your palms
  • Lift the knees from the floor
  • Keep the knees bent and heels lifted above the floor
  • Lift the legs up towards the ceiling but do not lock the knees
  • Press our hands into the floor
  • Stay in this position for 1-3 minutes
  • Bend the knees tworads the floor and rest

These yoga poses are the most inexpensive methods you can try to get a glowing skin. Don’t forget to practice them!

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