Hey ladies, do you want to be blessed with a beautiful skin ? So for the same, don’t wander here and there. Your kitchen is the single place which is bless with all showers of beauty secrets. I am here to explain all ingredients which have the quality of providing you a skin and beauty like mermaid

1. Milk –



Lactic acid present in milk naturally exfoliates your skin while its fatty properties soothe and moisturize. In the addition milk contains numerous vitamins and minerals that benefit your skin, including vitamins A and D.

2. Oil –



Oil like olive, coconut, or almond oil with Castor oil clean your skin instead of a harsh and chemical soap. It will cleanse your skin naturally and keep from pulling out natural oils.

3. Curd –


Bacteria in curd is very helpful to skin and hair. It also comes with a good dose of calcium and vitamin D, which is enough for the daily need of an adult.Greek yogurt has additional protein which makes it superior than ordinary yogurt.

4. Honey –



Honey is very useful to heal up the signs of ageing because having powerful antioxidants with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is very helpful to cure allergy.

5. Turmeric –



A beautifully coloured Indian spice, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and it has even been connected with blocking cancerous cells. It is highly recommended in joint pain and as an anti-inflammatory.

6. Tomato-



Tomato is very helpful to cure the tanning due to ultra violet rays and this is very effective when rubbed daily on skin with the mixture of honey and eating a single one daily.

7. Pineapple –



All vitamins and minerals will be doubled in benefits by low cholesterol and fat. Pineapple keeps your gums and eyes healthy with no side- effect, and it strengthens the bones with a beneficial level.

8. Lemon –



Since lemon juice is very helpful to maintain the water level in body in the summer season. Besides it, lemon itself is very helpful to lighten up the dark spots due to acne.

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