WHITE color signifies peace but the same cannot be said for the food choices we make. White colored foods have the ability to arouse negative health effects in the body thus disturbng the tranquility of your inner sysytem to a great extent.


In this article, we have listed five white color foods that are extremely dangerous for our body.

  • Sugar

Believe it or not, sugar is a silent killer. It does the whole damage so cleverly that we hardly realize it until it is too late. First off, it starts depositing around the belly. One tends to ignore it and continues the intake. What it does next is serious. It makes your heart weak and eventually causes heart failure. It causes the same effect on the liver as alcohol. Sugar accelerates aging and can finally affects brain functioning.

Look for healthy sugar alternatives such as brown sugar and honey if you cannot stop eating sugar.

  • Salt

Salt is another highly dangerous white product. It tends to retain water in the body making your face appear bloated. The effect is more visible around the eyes. Though it is a key player in most of our body functions but eating too much can cost you drearily. Here’s what it can do: with water retention in the body, blood pressure shoots up triggering other conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Also, with calcium being excreted from the body, bones turn weak and leads to osteoporosis. Calcium build-up in the body can lead to kidney stones. Well balanced BP is necessary to keep dementia at bay, later on in life.

  • Flour

Refined grain products such as white flour is harmful in a number of ways. We tend to eat a bit too much of it as the fiber has been removed from the starch. It digests fast increasing the insulin level. Wheat flour is the most dangerous of all. Amylopectin A, a carbohydrate in wheat gets converted into blood sugar. Wheat is known for stimulating a number of food allergies and GI disorders. It is a high glycemic index food that can slower down your metobolism leading to fat storage in the body. With no fibers present, you are exposed to GI disorders. It has the ability to cause nutritional deficiency in the body.

  • Rice

Eating too much rice can make you prone to Type II diabetes. It is again a high glycemic index food. After eating it, the insulin level rises increasing glucose levels in the body. Cabohydrate content is high as compared to the fiber content. Since the bran is removed, it is not a very healthy choice. It aids in storing fat thus making it difficult to lose weight.

  • White Chocolate

It contains cocoa butter, milk and sugar. This turns it into a high saturated fat product. It may be a good source of calcium but lacks other essential nutrients. If you wish to make a healthy food choice, pick dark chocolate. It has lower amount of sugar and lesser calories. 3-ounces of white chocolate bar contains 27.28 grams of fat and a whopping 458 calories.

There are many more white colored foods that are harmful. Spot them and chuck them out of your life.

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