Best Order For Applying Makeup

The beauty industry is saturated with products describing the best ways to get a perfect complexion. However, one particular stumbling block occurs when you have a line-up of your favorite products but no clue about the right order to apply them in.

Here is the ultimate 10-step daily formula every woman should follow to look her best.

 applying makeup

  • Cleanser – Rinse and repeat this step to rid your skin of every scrap of dirt; the first cleanse attacks the surface grime while the second will reach right into your pores
  • Serum – The general rule with face creams is that you should start with the lightest products first, and serums boast thin formulas that absorb the most efficiently. These concentrated lotions deliver active ingredients deep into pores, so ensure you’re using one that caters to your biggest skincare woes.
  • Moisturizer – Moisturiser is non-negotiable. Even if your skin is oily – so reach for a tub of the creamy stuff and massage it in an upwards and outwards motion.
  • Primer – The correct order comes into play to save your makeup regimen as well, ensuring you get the most flawless wear from your foundations and colorful pigments. Kicking this off is a good primer, which acts like a magnet to hold down your base and, thanks to new advances, can tackle problems like spots and oiliness, too.
  • Foundation – There are many myths surrounding the application of concealer, but to get the best from your cover-up, you need to smooth on your foundation first. Lay your initial base down in a light, thin layer for a natural look, and you can then use step 11 to go over any blemishes.

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