Have you ever noticed how your skin starts to look worse during the changing of the seasons? Skin care is always a personal and unique challenge for everyone. Summer sun and winter cold offer very different challenges, so make sure to keep the seasons in mind when dealing with your skin.









Over-exposure to the sun in summers can cause problems that range from obvious sunburn to more subtle sun damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. However, some sunlight can be good for acne. Here are a few quick tips that you could use to beat this season.

1. Stay hydrated
2. Sun protection
3. Exfoliate
4. Go for a water-based moisturizer
5. Cleanse your face twice a day

When the weather warms up and everyone can enjoy the outdoors there are still some important things to know that can potentially save skin from sun damage.

1. Drink Water
2. Protect Your Skin From the Sun
3. Shave Smart
4. Exfoliate

Autumn represent the perfect time to renew, to recover from previous environmental aggressions and emerge restored and refreshed whilst prepping the skin for harsher climates.

1. Super hydrate
2. Eat your foods rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
3. Shield your skin
4. Exfoliate
5. Moisturize while you cleanse

The winter can be a ruthless time to your skin. Here are a few quick tips that you could use to beat this season.

1. Hydrate Skin and Body
2. Sunscreen
3. Do pamper the hands
4. Don’t forget about the lips
5. Avoid Hot Baths or Showers

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