skin cancer awareness

Skin cancer is as common as any other cancer in women and this skin cancer awareness month, we tend to bring some prevention measures for saving your souls. But, along with the increasing skin cancer threats, skin care is also becoming more potent and powerful than ever before, with the advances in science and innovations in technology. More and more products are coming in the world of medicine.

There are numerous factors that affect skin. And for women, shifts in hormonal balance throughout the month and decades is one of the most influential variables. This affects mood, metabolism and skin quality as well. Estrogen is one of the hormones responsible for increased collagen production, elasticity and the production of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, decline in estrogen level from its peak in a woman’s 20’s lead to a number of issues, including signs of skin aging.

The another factor that contribute towards skin aging is the harmful radiations from sun. Tanning in sun or in tanning beds has been found as the main reason for skin cancer. There are more number of cases of skin cancer that are caused by tanning beds then there are from cigarette smoking. While saving yourself from the threats of skin aging, you may also be able to take care of reasons that contribute towards skin cancer.

Use collagen restoring products
Which skincare product to use puts you in a state of dilemma. Make sure to use products that use advanced proprietary phytoestrogen complex which addresses hormonal aging process. One such product includes Lifecell anti-aging cream, it include all natural ingredients and is based on plants and help restore collagen, thereby increasing the skin’s elasticity dramatically and reversing the signs of aging. It is hypoallergic and non-comedogenic product which does not clog pores and is oil-free and fragrance-free.

Use high spectrum SPF
The days have gone, when an SPF 15-20 used to work. You have grown up and so have your skincare requirements. Sun is the main culprit for the people who suffer from skin cancer and if you are ignorant of its effects, you are are the contributer. I know women, generally have a crave for bronze tan glow that they try to get by lying in the sun or burning themselves inside the tanning beds. Nope, sun exposure for hours does no good to you. Whenever you think of exposing yourself to sun, make sure to apply a high spectrum SPF to all exposed parts of your body. And, if you are out for too long, reapply the sunscreen, do not hesitate even if you are in the crowd.

Switch to tanning lotions
If you wish to get the glow—tanned glow for that matter, instead of burning yourself under the sun or inside the tanning beds, which is one of the biggest reasons for skin cancer, opt for tanning lotions. Go for tanning lotions which are safe and even have a certain SPF degree in it. I know tanning lotions spill out,and sometimes even ruin your clothes, but tanning lotions are better than tanning beds and direct sunshine.

Do not burn
Even a single sunburn increases your risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Suffering five or more sunburns increases the lifetime risk of melanoma. Always seek shade between the timings 10 am to 4 pm, if you go out. Avoid spending long periods in the sun, and when you see or feel your skin redden, take cover.

Make sure to live healthy and happy to live longer. Prevention is better than cure, it goes best when it comes to preventing skin cancer.

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