We all want beautiful face, Right? To achieve this, we need some good skin care routine to follow. Now, what to do for beautiful complexion? Unfortunately there are many habits that ruin our skin. So, let’s face it. First, we need to give up some bad habits in order to get beautiful skin.

Neglecting to wash make up brushes: Do you know make up brushes hold dead skin cells, bacteria, oil and dust? And if you don’t wash your make up brushes, you may lead to clogged pores, break outs and irritation on your skin. So, make sure to wash this beauty necessity once a week.

Not cleaning your phone: The researchers found that 94.5 percent phones are contaminated with some type of bacteria. Every time when you touch your phone or hold it next to your ear, there’s a transfer of germs. It means it is also a major factor that ruin our beautiful skin. So, clean your phone with good phone cleanser at least twice a week.










Excess alcohol and smoking: As we all know that everything in excess is harmful for body. Drinking a glass of red wine a day provides antioxidants that is good for skin but if drink it in excess will dehydrates skin causes wrinkles. Similarly, smoking increases free radicals and decreases the flow of oxygen which gives dull skin. So, give up these bad habits if you want beautiful complexion.

Changing skin products frequently: If you feel frustrated because your new moisturizer is not working properly, still use it for sometime before you replace it because when we change products too frequently they give negative effect on skin.









Over exfoliating: We all exfoliate twice or thrice a week. But do you know over exfoliating can strip natural oils from skin? It gives natural glow to our skin. So, exfoliate just once a week to get beautiful complexion and keep it healthy.


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