Many reasons contribute to sagging of skin such as sudden weightloss, pregnancy, aging, sun damage and poor diet. Underlying structure of our skin breaks down leading to rough, old and sagged skin. Overtime, your skin renews itself at a slower pace than it used to do once, when you were young. Tightening skin needs much more intervention than other skin problems.



So how to avoid it? Do not worry we have your back, learn how to fix sagging skin:

Essential Oil Therapy
By name, it suggests you some therapy that you need to undergo for skin tightening, but it’s not like that. Just applying some good essential oils can be a good beauty treatment for Christmas party. It depends on the kind and the quality of oil. Lavender oil is one of the best essential oils for sagging skin, just two teaspoons of it in the night can work wonders. Ingesting it with milk or taking the oil alone is a good idea.

Skin Tightening Mask
No no, don’t go looking for your pockets to buy an expensive skin tightening mask, it lies in your kitchen. Skin tightening mask is one of the best Christmas beauty tips, I can give you. Apply it thrice every week, but with honesty. Let it dry, rinse it off and gently scrub it dry. You will see the difference in a few weeks and in case of any other body part like stomach, you have to wait a few months for the results.

Astringent for Lose Skin
Have you ever realized that you can make your own skin tightening astringent at home. Honey, rosemary, and some witch hazel can work wonders for you and can give you the results you wish for. A teaspoonful of honey, a tablespoon of witch hazel and some chopped rosemary – apply it on our face twice or thrice in a week. Rosemary is known for improving blood circulation and helps lose skin tighten up.

Soy and Aloe Vera
Aloe vera and soy protein are two really great skin tightening ingredients. Applying aloe vera on face and adding soy to your diet can help a lot. You can also find skin tightening creams that have these two ingredients present in them. Apply the cream twice daily, especially before retiring to the bed, and you will notice the difference in some weeks.

Add Collagen Creams
Add collagen through your skincare products and keep your skin nourished with collagen creams. Collagen creams specifically designed to deal with lose and sagging skin should be preferred. They can be a little expensive, but are worthy of a little expense. Talk to your Derm before buying any brand, because collagen creams do not work for everyone, equally. So, know your skin type and then buy.

Sea Salt Scrub
Using sea salt scrub helps tighten skin, as it increases blood flow and encourages healthy elastic skin. Using scrub in showers twice daily and at least thrice a week, helps you in getting rid of sagging skin. Mineral scrubs can also work amazingly good for your skin.

So, can you tighten loose skin now? Yes, take rest, keep your diet under control, add raw foods to your diet and avoid overcooked foods. This is how you can avoid it. Furthermore, all the above mentioned tricks and tips will help you go a long way and you can look the way you want to be on Christmas.

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