Wrinkles between eyes, also known as ‘brow furrows,’ are most prominent aging signs. These aging signs around eyes , scientifically, are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers and are the toughest to deal. Wrinkle cracks may start to appear in early thirties and become clearly observable later on. As for reasons, there a lot of internal and external factors responsible for this.

Wrinkles between eyes are formed inwards and certain muscle fibers are responsible for this. When we frown, muscle fibers run toward the center of the forehead. This causes muscle contraction and deep lines between the brows. Regular use of these muscles (frowning in anger and other expressions) causes expression wrinkles. Deep lines between the eyebrows look ugly and make you look aged than your actual age.

There are several ways to reduce those wrinkles between eyes:


Effective anti wrinkle cream

Your first preference should be natural anti wrinkle cream with pure ingredients. You can get a cream like Lifecell anti wrinkle cream.The cream has amazing antioxidants that eliminate dead skin cells, generate new skin cells and boost the process of skin rejuvenation. The more natural ingredients your wrinkle cream has, the better results you receive.

  • Soft tissue fillers

It is safe to use soft tissue fillers to fill up the gaps created by deep lines. Soft tissue fillers are injectable substances that firm up the skin. This procedure follows the injection of skin curing materials (Collagen, fat and hyaluronic acid) into the skin between the eyebrows. They fill the wrinkles and smooth away those deep lines. Normally, the results last for six months maximum and then you need additional fillers.

  • Brow-lift surgery

Brow-lift surgery is another effective way to remove wrinkles between eyes and get long lasting results. You need, however, to confirm that you go for safe surgical procedures that don’t have side effects. Almost every surgical process involves the use of Botox, and is safe if tried with a recognized dermatologist. These injections stop the contraction of muscles between the eyebrows. When there is no or negligible skin contraction, deep lines disappear and the skin flattens up.

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