We all are getting old as the day passes on and this is the reality we have to accept.

In fact none likes to age and everyone wants to look beautiful. To have clear and beautiful skin, there are many anti aging products and tips that one need to follow, but most of the people are not much aware of the truth behind anti aging.










Myth #1: Sunscreen isn’t necessary during winters or cloudy days.
This is the most common myth and most women believe in this myth. But in reality, fact is that use of sunscreen is a necessity even during winters or cloudy days. The reason behind this concept is that whether it is winters or summers, your skin is getting exposed to sun rays leads to unnecessary consequences like tanning, aging, wrinkles, pimples and skin cancer. So, start using sunscreen throughout the year.

Myth #2: Wash your face twice a day.
Mostly women think that they need to wash their face twice a day. But the reality is that it totally depends on your skin and the environment, where you are living. A person with oily skin may need to clean more than two times everyday. Always take a dermatologist’s advice to maintain and keep your skin look good and glowing.

Myth #3: You do not need to apply moisturizer at night.
This is totally wrong you are doing to your skin, if you really think that you do not need to apply moisturizer at night before going to bed. But the fact is that these products affects more on your skin if you apply them at night and results in healthy and glowing skin.

Myth #4: Skin dryness can be eliminated using moisturising soaps.
Soap, whatever is its manufacturer or ingredients, is still a soap. Though there are some types of soap that contain plenty of moisturisers, they still have components that lead to dryness of the skin, after a few hours of use. So, it will be better if soaps must be used carefully and less frequently.

Myth #5: Laser treatment for anything on the skin.
Laser is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Basically it’s a machine that gives off light that is amplified and has a specific target, such as blood, melanin or water. Laser treatment would work better for brown sun spots and fine lines, but always choosing this kind of treatment to get rid of various skin issues is bad. It can lead to few side-effects as well.

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