We all are accustomed to skin tanning, for some it is a menace, a fashion statement for few while for others a regular thing to happen when out in the sun. But have you ever tried see into the causes and effects of tanning. If not, then you ought to read this post.

What is a Skin Tan?

Skin tanning is also known as Farmers Tan. Skin Tanning is process through which the skin gets darkened due to over exposure to sun. The root cause for tanning is the ultraviolet rays of the sun both UVA and UVB.

Some people like to get tanned, in order to get a skin tan they use artificial methods. Some include tanning bed, by deliberately sun bathing and using chemicals for the same.

Side Effects of Tanning

No matter how trendy a skin tan is or perhaps you may be quite oblivious of a skin tan you get when in sun, excess of it can be dangerous. Researches have shown that sun tanning can cause sun burns, freckles and age spots. Even skin cancer can also be caused by skin tanning. Apart from this your skin gets variation in color as oneportion is darker than other.

UVB – Factor behind Skin Tanning

The UVB rays are much stronger than UVA rays which makes them the cause of major skin tan. Now you need to understand how UVB cause sun tan, as explained in the following points.

  • An increased melanin production is stimulated due to formation of CPD-DNA damage through UVB rays.
  • It triggers formation of melanin, which again cause greater production of dark colored pigments.
  • Excess of it cause early skin aging.
  • Not a proven fact but yes UVB rays also cause skin cancer and moles.


How Lifecell Skin Cream Helps In Reducing Skin Tanning









Lifecell Skin Cream is composed of five active ingredients mainly Ubiquinone, Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid (D3PA), Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Deanol. All these ingredients work independently to amend different aspects. But out of these Ubiquinone and Ascorbyl Palmitate work to reduce skin tan by protecting the skin from the harmful effects of sun.

Ubiquinone – in Lifecell cream increases the creation of ATP, i.e. cellular energy responsible for stimulating the skin. Also helps in removing the dead cells from the face and provides protection against the damaging effects of the environment and sunlight.

Ascorbyl Palmitate – is rich source of vitamin C and works as efficient anti oxidant in Lifecell Skin Cream. Proficient as a cleanser, it actively wipes the skin off dirt and impurities. Strengthening the blood capillaries and reducing pigmentation. It smoothen the skin tone while protecting it from the harmful sun rays. Ascorbyl Palmitateremoves harmful free radicals while providing skin immunity against skin infections, rashes and allergies.

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