Face as well as skin plays a major role in one’s personality and therefore, proper care and steps should be taken before the time goes out of your hand. It is true that we can’t really escape/stop the aging process, but this doesn’t mean that we should sit idle and waiting for it appear on our skin at early ages. It is the best time to get ready and fight with the battle with the help of following anti-aging skin care tips.


1. Direct exposure to sun is one of the major and leading cause of wrinkles and many skin problems. So, proper care should be taken like wear sunscreen before half an hour when going out even if it is cloudy or rainy, always wear shades, cap and long sleeved shirt when you are going out.

2. It is very important to give time to yourself and stay happy always as it affects your skin in an every way. If you do not do this, then it will affect your skin directly, which will result in wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes very soon.

3. It is said that what you eat reflects on your skin instantly and I believe that it is really true. So, always have proper and right diet which includes more of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in a great amount. Moreover, drink plenty of water atleast eight glasses a day.

4. If you are having a habit of smoking or you are a chain smoker and you love your skin, then leave your habit of smoking as soon as you can as smoking affects on your skin in a very direct and negative way. Though drinking is a necessity and recommended, but it should not be done in excess as it also affects badly if intake is in excess.

5. Last but not the least, in fact, which is very important for your skin is work out, which should be done on regular basis. Yoga and swimming are also good ways to improve your skin texture. Do meditate regularly as it brings glow on your face.

So, when will you start following these tips?

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