A fresh face is always in style and in demand as well. If you are tired of heavy glossy look, then this time you can try something new and the natural look will be perfect for you. Of course, even the natural look takes a little bit of time, practice and right makeup technique.

You need to identify the type of your skin type before choosing the makeup products . Determine your skin type and cleanse and moisturize with suitable products. Invest in the good quality of face primer it will help makeup to last longer. Follow it with good concealer and foundation to hide blemishes and get a natural look. To complete your look end it up with compact powder or you can also apply for suntan look. To accentuate your look define your eyes and lips with natural colors. Lifecellskin cream is a new way to look gorgeous and fade blemishes, without using heavy oil based primers and concealers.

To get a natural look just by applying right amount of makeup refer to the slide share given below .


How To Put On Makeup Naturally 


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