Sustainable skin care

“7 Billion Dreams. One Planet.Consume with care” is a theme for this year’s environment day. Being a part of that dream, this is our responsibility to contribute towards our environment. Even if you’ve already passed the plastic bag test by switching to canvas bags and you even drive gas-saving set of wheels, I am sure, you might not have paid attention to your skin care regimen.

Why Go Green

To keep your skin healthy and safe
How can you do that? Always look at the ingredients listed on the back of your favorite skin care product. You may not be able to read those tongue twisting terms that represent a concoction of chemicals that may not be very safe for your skin. Not all products contain ingredients that are approved by FDA and FDA doesn’t require safety tests before Product enters the market. Moreover, it is difficult to know whether the product is green or not, but always research the company and ingredients thoroughly.

To keep the Earth Clean
Certain beauty products that contain chemicals can harm the environment once they go down the drain. Chemicals like mercury, lead acetate, toluene or petroleum catches your eye, you would definitely want to opt for another skin care product that’s safe once it hits the septic system.

Support a sustainable economy
Certainly, the companies that are dedicated to produce all-natural products are good for our environment. And the economy that promote products and services that are healthy for you and the planet is a sustainable economy. By opting for all-natural products like Lifecell anti-aging cream and other such products, you’re contributing to an economic effort that will better the planet and the global economy.

How to practice sustainable skin-care
By going for skin-safe and environmentally sustainable products. A few things to keep in mind while purchasing products that won’t compromise your health or the planet’s:

Go for organic Products
Choose products that feature the official Eco-Cert label or USDA organic seal. These labels imply that the products have been produced without harmful pesticides and unnatural chemical residue that may cause skin irritation. Though, it may cost you an extra as compared to other chemical products but your skin is worth it. The results will matter in long run.

Avoid these: Petroleum, phthalates and parabens
Petroleum: The by-product of petroleum includes mineral oil, paraffin and propylene glycol are common in many skin-care products. According to The Environmental Working Group, petroleum products not only take hundreds of years to degrade, but they even cause skin irritation, allergies and sometimes even cancer.
Phthalates: In a research, it has been linked to birth defects, often found in nail polish and deodorant.
Parabens: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben – might be associated with skin problems like irritations, dermatitis and allergic reactions.

Choose Fragrance-free products
Often the products with fragrance are not considered safe. This fragrance in your product may not be as sweet as it smells. Companies hardly test these fragrant chemicals on product labels or to test them for human toxicity. In addition to causing allergies and difficulty in breathing, they can be quite toxic to the environment.

Where in market, you can find these chemical beauty products, you may also find various organic, all-natural and safe products, one of them which is Lifecell anti-aging cream.

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