Ntaural hair removal

Unwanted hair on the face is our biggest nightmare. But the moment we try to thread them off, we get angry red blotches on our face. So, we try waxing next to get rid of facial hair. Now, our face is not only red and spotty, but also swollen and sore. We solemnly vow that we are not going to experiment anymore. But right before the next date/party/wedding, we wonder that what harm can a single session do? And we are back to that vicious cycle!

If you’re sick and tired of shaving/waxing/epilating your face, read the infographic by, to find out how to remove facial hair naturally.


Following are the tips to use natural remedies for facial hair removal:

  • Some of the methods to get rid of facial hair can be painful. But, if you follow the methods frequently then the procedure becomes less painful.
  • Don’t overdo these hair removal procedures. Take professional help if necessary. It may also help to get rid of facial dandruff, if done in a good way.
  • Makeup can’t cover hair, and it will only form a patch around it. So avoid applying makeup on the areas you have more hair to distract focus.
  • If you are young, then wait it out. When you regain hormonal balance, then the hair will naturally disappear or become less visible.

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