Wishful thinking works little if you want to get, maintain or restore beautiful skin. It takes some serious work to rev-up skin’s health, but it’s never a frantic quest. As a matter of fact ‘the beautiful you’ doesn’t need oodles of products or intense care to look flawless. Nor a constant obsession helps in any way. It is simple, but concrete steps that ensure youthfulness, health and revered radiance.

Your beauty resolutions for 2013 should therefore revolve around effective, but practical resolutions that can be sustained long term, without any trouble. It is important to keep beauty care continuous rather than vigorous. Let’s get started with:

Getting Skincare Basics Right

The core tasks that make skin beautiful are hardly ever followed consistently. This time, make it a point to be regular and follow basic skin care regimen without fail.

1. Cleanse – Choose a good cleanser that suits your skin type. Be mindful not to over cleanse, this may harm skin causing rashes and acne. Twice a week would be great.

2. Exfoliate – When done right, it is a real skin saver. It keeps skin youthful and clean by removing dead cell accumulation. Go buy a good, natural scrub that is gentle on skin. The idea of making a homemade scrub might be challenging, but it’s quite benefiting for skin health. Remember not to over exfoliate – twice a week is advisable.

3. Tone – Toner or astringent ensures skin’s wellbeing by closing pores after exfoliation or cleansing. Use a mild and alcohol free toner to soothe skin and make it looker tighter and firmer.

4. Moisturize – No one skips this, but most miss on the finer concepts, depriving skin of deep nourishment. Always choose moisturizer by your skin type which varies from being dry, normal to oily. Using SPF based moisturizer will double that action and protect skin against UV rays during day.


Follow Golden Rules For Healthy Hair

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt glossy tresses? We love healthy hair and New Year should boost your hair resolutions stronger.

1. If you’re blessed with great hair, style them.

2. If you have dull, lackluster hair – rejuvenate them.

3. Dry hair is messy, condition them properly.

4. Curls look great, just chic them right.

5. Thin hair looks unhealthy, nourish them good.

6. Minimize too hot – water showers, flatiron use and UV exposure. For hair, it’s very damaging.

7. Oil your hair once in a week. Nothing nurtures them better.

8. Don’t forget routine trims.


Lifestyle Chances That Are Must

You dragged a whole year with the same hateful lifestyle. It’s time to bootstrap a healthy strategy and upgrade your lifestyle.

1. Focus on your diet – ‘your skin reflects your diet.’ Make it healthy, nutritious and wholesome.

2. Don’t skip morning walk or exercise routines. Take a gulp of morning oxygen to energize skin from roots.

3. Protect your skin from sun damage.

4. Quit smoking and alcohol – they play havoc on skin health.

5. Avoid strong soaps and hot water showers.

6. Stay ways from stress, it is perilous for skin.

7. Sweet sleep for sweet beauty. Don’t keep body sleep deprived.


Refreshing, Makeup Collection

You need an occasional break, right? After being brutally handled for a year, your makeup kit requires the same.

1. De-clutter it. Add fresh shades, remove redundant ones and keep some space for season specials.

2. Wash your brushes, they are dirty and harbor bacteria. From this point forward, wash them once every week and store them in a clean place.

3. Ah! Do check your daily bags. Somewhere, deep down a lipstick, mascara or eyeliner may have been left for eternity. Don’t use them, just bin them straightway.

4. Be aware about your cosmetic’s shelf life. Throw them as soon as they expire or start smelling weird.

5. Get creative! It doesn’t take much time to organize makeup collection. A systemized and neat makeup kit will sail you through time starved mornings the whole year.

6. Get your products right. You require good anti aging cream, moisturizer and likes.


Carefully Select Wardrobe This Time

Perky shopping sessions were irresistible, but it is your wardrobe that is bearing the consequences. There’s hardly any space left, your options getting trickier and ghoulish secrets to get rid of. Start New Year by renewing your wardrobe.

1. Space it up by getting rid of old and unused clothes. Organization is the key, sort clothes by types, seasons or need.

2. If you have a rich collection, be thrifty. By using existing wardrobe wisely, altering and styling dresses appropriately, you can save a lot of money and time.

3. Don’t cramp shoes in a corner of your closet. Increase their visibility and sort them clearly. You’ll be overwhelmed by your options and less likely to go on useless shoe buying spree.

4. Your next dress shouldn’t be a haphazard craving. Be choosy; think twice before buying. Identify requirements and genuineness, and only then go for something new.

5. Don’t just dump clothes, accessories and shoes into the closet. It just takes five minutes and some will to fold, hang or place these things in order.


Correcting Beauty Mistakes & Not Repeating Them

In an obsession to look all primed, you may not realize when you cross the thin line of ideality. Most of us keep committing beauty mistakes which pose a negative effect on our style, fashion and beauty. But once it’s a mistake, twice it’s a blunder. Correct your mistakes and then avoid repeating them.

1. Don’t sleep with your makeup on. Clean and moisturize your face before sleeping.

2. Too much of good things turn bad. Avoid heavy mascara, eye liner, overdone eye lashes and perfumes.

3. Don’t leave lips chapped, they look ghastly.

4. Too dark lipstick shades look hideous (unless you carry them well). Stick to neutral ones.

5. Accessorize your attire well.

6. Use your foundation right. There should be no difference between your neck and the face.



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