Beautiful hair is one of the most important, naturally gifted beauty accessories that we have. Besides this, we know that grey hair leads to aging and there are several ways your hair might be adding years to your look.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common hair mistakes that can make you look older:

Split Ends

Split ends is the most common problem that almost everyone faces. Split and frizzy ends make your hair look dull and definitely, make you look years older. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, the only and only solution is trim your locks regularly, at least, after every two months. Besides this, nourish and hydrate hair masks regularly. Moreover, deep conditioning and rejuvenating hair treatments won’t either.

Going Too Blonde

Though, it is quite trendy and looks cool, to color or dye your hair. But do you know that dying your hair super dark can accentuate fine lines, dark circles under your eyes and emphasize shadows on your face. And if you really want to dye or color your hair, little bit more than the usual, then ask your hairstylist to make it soft low lights, it will make your looks natural, add dimension to your hairstyle and visually “frame” your face.

Blunt / Straight Hair Cut

This is the most common mistake made by above 40s people that they go for straight, plain haircut that does not only add age, but makes your facial lines more evident. The best solution is that ask your hairstylist to try layered hairstyle that will suit your particular facial structure. This hairstyle makes your look more youthful. Moreover, your hair stylist make it more happening according to your face shape, making it look rounder or slimmer, depending on your preference.

A Tight Hairdo

A tight hairdo, here refers to tie up your hair into a ponytail or like make a sophisticated, tight hairdo. There is no doubt in the fact that this hairstyle will give you a instant face lift, but the saddest part is that this kind of hairstyle draws attention to every little line you have on your face. Henceforth, whenever you decide to go for such a hairstyle, make it little bit loose and leave some hair strands to fall on the sides of your face, it will add careless youthfulness to your style.

Too short or too long hair

Though, every woman has her own likings and choices, but it should be kept in mind that if you are having either too short or too long hair, then also it adds to your age. Moreover, according to surveys, it has been found that men prefer ladies with long hairstyles rather than short ones. But if you really like short hairstyles, then go for a bob and avoid tomboy haircuts, if you are over 40 and want to look younger.

Lack of Volume

Lacking hair volume also adds age and makes your look older. Though, it is very common in 40s people, but it can be avoided. The best solution is to avoid hot hair straightening on day-to-day basis as it makes texture of your hair dull, dry and lifeless. Moreover, if your hair is naturally thin, then you should forget about hair straightening tools as they weaken them more and then totally damaged.

Cool tones add age

Now, finally if you are serious about looking younger,  avoid dying your hair cool tones as it will only going to make you look older. If you are blonde – go for golden tones rather than platinum or achy ones, if you are redhead – opt for brassy red instead of burgundy, and if you are brunette – chose warm brown rather than blueish black.

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