Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. If you have skin cancer, it is important to know which type you have as it affects your treatment options and your prognosis. If you aren’t sure which type of skin cancer you have, ask your doctor so you can get the right information.

The problem is worse in areas of high elevation or near the equator where sunlight exposure is more intense. Skin cancer occurs due to the development of abnormal cells. It has become very important for us to spot the early signs of skin cancer and seek treatment.

Here we are sharing an Infographic by – SpotScreen to share some cancer facts with the readers. Must Read!

Skin Cancer Facts


Skin cancer is slow growing and often free of glaring warning signs.

  • Appearance of a shiny pink, red, pearly, or translucent bump
  • Pink skin growths or lesions with raised borders
  • A raised reddish patch of skin
  • A white, yellow, or waxy area that may resemble a scar
  • Scaly red patches with irregular borders that may bleed

There are several effective ways of treating skin cancer. Always hydrate your skin and choose a suitable therapy. The choice of therapy depends on the location and size of the tumor. The microscopic characteristics of cancer, and the general health of the patient.

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