Can you look glamorous without makeup? The general perception is, you cannot. However, the fact is that every woman can look glamorous without makeup. It is all about taking care of your skin and body. Natural beauty gets you lots of compliments. Read on to know how to get flawless skin without makeup.

1. Drink and apply Coconut water for clear and glowing skin
Coconut water is a natural and purest liquid to drink. Consuming coconut water helps keeping your skin clear and beautiful by flushing out all of toxins from our body. Coconut water can also be used as face mask for acne and blackheads problem.



2. Nourish
Eating toxic, chemical-laden foods can show up on your skin, leaving it dull, dry and flaky. Poor nutrition can also speed up wrinkling and cause breakouts. Nourishing your skin begins from the inside with the foods you eat. Because the skin is an organ, it requires nutrients to maintain vibrant health.



3. Up Your Skin’s Oxygen Intake
Oxygen brings nutrients to skin and increases blood flow. Any physical activity gets the oxygen in your blood moving, which instantly gives skin a glowing, rosy radiance, plus it helps improve your complexion over time.



4. Have healthy and shiny hair
If you’re not wearing makeup, you need not look pale and unkempt. Work towards maintaining yourself. Maintenance begins with your hair. You need to make sure you sport healthy bouncy hair at all times.



5. Regular cleansing schedule
Make sure your skin looks beautiful as it is! Adopt a regular cleansing schedule and go for regular toning and moisturizing too. Make it a point to clean your face each night to remove traces of dirt and grime before you sleep. Go for sun protection and use the best quality products always!



6. Sleep well to get glow on face
Good sleep habits are necessary for beautiful and healthy skin. Lack of proper sleep can leave your skin dull, dehydrated and wrinkled. You should develop a regular bedtime schedule to get beautiful skin.



7. Pay attention to eyebrows and lips
Pay attention to eyebrows and lips. So, get that perfect shape and arch and add a notch to your facial beauty quotient. Also, make your lips look perfect with lip balm and lip moisturizer. With natural pink lips, you won’t need a lipstick.



8. Smile
Make sure you remain happy and stress-free. Smile and see the difference.


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