oily face

Oily skin is a blessing as this skin type develops signs of aging much later than the other types, according to experts.  But often a person who has this type of skin is seen unhappy. He not only has to battle with the issues common with this type of skin but is often left at the behest of numerous jokes and taunts. Quite admittedly, this is too much for a person to handle. Through this article, we want to caution people to not say the following things.

1) Why Don’t You Start An Oil Factory


Oily face

2) You Can Jazz Up The Sales Of Any Detergent Producing Company Because Of Those Oil Stains


oil stained

3) Oh! Your Makeup Is Melting Away


melting makeup

4) Don’t Use Moisturizers. It’ll Make You Look Just Out Of An Oil bath

oily bath

5) Don’t Eat Fried Food? It’ll Make Your Skin Breakout

oily food

6) Is It In Your Genes?


7) Go! Wash Your Face

go wash your face


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