40 is the new fabulous

You are never too old to try, to learn, to love and to pamper yourself. You deserve yourself, you deserve breaks, you deserve vacations, you deserve space and 40 is the new fabulous to do all these things. There is always a scope to experiment in whatever age you are, just remember to be graceful in whatever you do.

Don’t let those ‘oldladyproblems’ bug you any more. You don’t change a bit no matter what age you enter. Remember you are as interesting as you were in your 20’s. You remain the same from inside.

Here’ s a list of things you need to do in order to remain young, vibrant and interesting in your 40’s.

Keep trying new things
Getting bored and tired is not an option because 40’s is the new fabulous. Learning never ends, you might have heard about it from the time when you were a child. So, this is the time to bring this saying into action. Learning keeps your brain from checking out and operating on autopilot. Sign up for a class—cooking, makeup, yoga, workout or check out a big stack of books from the library. You may get a little nervous in the beginning but you’ll be more excited and more active in meeting new people.

Work on workout
There is nothing like working your body hard enough to be drenched in sweat. I don’t know if your knees or joints ache, but after this you’ll surely feel like an 20 year old again. If you run in your young days, it becomes requisite to run in your 40’s as well to keep the good work going or else your joints can give you a hard time. Go shopping- buy the right shoes, the perfect headphones, your favorite play list and 6 different essential oils. When you exercise, you may even feel that 50 can be your new 40 now. Isn’t being in your 40’s just fabulous.

Be a Slumber Queen
Be a slumber queen, sleep as hard as you workout. Just remember you need more sleep. Ge to bed early. There’s an old wive’s tale that says that every hour of sleep you get before midnight counts double. I feel it, yeah only if I sleep before midnight, though. As soon as you feel the first wave of sleepiness, hit the bed and that is around 9 or 10. Take the sign seriously, start getting ready to bed, apply all your night essentials like anti-aging creams and calcium-iron supplements to get the most from your night.

Pursue your Dreams
Was it like you wanted to be a writer, but its too late now to get started with it. So, what will you say about J.K. Rowling—the star author of the new times, she was 43 when she started to pen down the historical Harry Potter series. It could be anything though– a dancer, an entrepreneur, a traveler. Anything that you like just needs a little determination to carry on and get your wings.

Eat healthy and green
Sorry to remind you but this is one of the matters where you would need to remember your age. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meat, eggs, good fats and less of all the junk. All the processed, canned, packaged food is in the center of the grocery store, so please avoid going to the center if you cannot control your crave.

Now, make a little effort to look beautiful and feel fabulous forgetting your age. How you present yourself to the world does matter. So, get started and remember you are fabulous not 40.

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