Tips for Winter Skin Care

Winters are meant for dry and lifeless surroundings everywhere. With dryness increasing in the air, problems for our skin increase. As moisture lacking climate would do, it leaves us with cracked skin. And nothing can be as annoying as dry and itchy skin, really.

This is because our skin cells are composed of water mostly and in low-temperature conditions, moisture gets diffused into the air. In other words, they get their life extricated from them and seem to die almost. Also, in winter season we tend to stay very close to heaters or fire. This is another reason for our skin to become moisture-deprived.There must be ways to skip the rough phase of winters and enjoy the rest of it as well. No doubt there are so many ways that follow a special skin care strategy for drastic condition for winters. Consider doing:

Spend less time in shower

In winters, once you begin to shower under hot water, the heavenly feel encourages to spend hours there. However, this doesn’t favor your skin. Staying for so long in water leads to the loss of natural oils from our body. Those oils are badly required for a healthy skin and they are responsible for the glow on it.

Gently moisturize your skin

You need to moisturize the skin at least two times a day. Since during day time you are out for work and all and rest very less, the application of a good moisturizer before sleeping at night fetches amazing results. Consider using a moisturizer with natural ingredients that suits your skin.

You can use a humidifier

Dry air within your home is another cause for dry skin. A humidifier adds humidity to dry air and creates quite favorable climate for the skin to stay healthy. Placing plants and water bowls also help maintain humidity in your room.

Prefer liquid soaps

It’s alright even if you don’t use heavy soaps in winters. Putting so much soap also dries out skin and its texture turns rougher. It’s preferable to use liquid cleansers with sufficient amount of plant oils.