Sagging Skin- The Worst Companion of Middle age

Middle age is the time when the worst fears of ‘The Mirror’ and ‘Ariel’ by Sylvia Plath start turning into those horrifying realities. That one look into the mirror which made you smile and blush earlier suddenly starts making you shriek. This is only one of those countless unpleasant changes that accompany old age.

Staying young and beautiful forever is a cherished dream nurtured inside hearts of most young women. Aging of skin is an inevitable process, and one of the worst signs of aging is sagging skin. It is an embarrassing problem that bothers most middle-aged people.

What Causes Skin To Sag?

Loose, sagging skin is not only caused by aging, but a number of different factors. As you grow older, fibrous protein tissues which support the outer layer of skin start diminishing and get weakened. This leads to droopy skin, which later begins to wrinkle and starts sagging. Stopping this aging process is next to impossible, but regular skin care and healthy eating habits can help evade problems of sagging skin. Some elements that speed up sagging of skin are:

Sun exposure:

Sunlight is your skin’s natural enemy. Invisible ultraviolet rays in sunlight breakdown and prevent regeneration of collagen and elastin, the two wonder proteins which are basically responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. They are also known as the connective fibers. Skin starts loosening and begins to sag once this breakdown occurs.

Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Unhealthy habits such as smoking can also accelerate skin aging. Research has shown that smoking is responsible for damaging collagen and elastin, which later causes skin to loosen and sag. It is also believed to cause blood vessels in skin to contract and later decrease blood flow.

These unhealthy habits deprive skin of vital nutrients. The skin later loses its tautness and starts sagging. If you find yourself longing for supple, tight and youthful-looking skin, make sure you follow some of the following tips:

Remain hydrated:

In order to keep skin soft and healthy, it is imperative to drink adequate amount of water every day. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will help in flushing away toxins and waste products. Water acts as your skin’s natural cleansing system. It also helps in nourishing your skin, thereby helping it remain soft and supple.

Adopt proper weight loss measures:

You may have observed loose folds of skin after sudden weight loss. This is a consequence of improper weight loss measures. Most people go on for crash dieting, which causes reduction of muscles and not fat. In order to avoid the problem of sudden weight loss, make sure you adopt proper weight loss regimes and avoid reckless and
sudden weight loss techniques.


Regular facial massages can help in reducing the problem of sagging skin. There are also certain facial exercises that can help you evade the problem of loose, sagging skin. While massage is an imperative aspect of your daily skincare regime, make sure you do not miss out on application of Lifecell anti-aging cream. Lifecell is the only cream that comprises of the most unique ingredients to grapple skin aging.

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